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Lupe Fiasco Speaking Against The Labels

Lupe Fiasco tells you about record labels, 360 deals, and other corruption in the music industry. Looks like we may have another artist comin’ to the independent spectrum!!! NAS is also hinting such things to his label, Def Jam. Read his letter here.

Ebrahim – MarleyLa (Marley/Fugees/Roots) Live [VIDEO]

Get this song and the rest of his Live Sessions Volume @ http://soundcloud.com/eebsofresh/sets/live_sessions_volume_1

This dude makes some insanely sick beats with his voice. So dope.

Ebrahim’s Website


Old Soul Live @ the THC Music Fest [VIDEO]

This is an amazing local jam band called Old Soul, from Alma, Colorado, home of the THC Music Fest. These guys are really talented. I wish the sound was better, they really jam out. The harmonica player is insane!

They call their genre Mountain-Dance..that’s a perfect description. Sit back, enjoy and smoke a J!


Introducing…Coral Thief

Reggae lovers looking for a new sound to their genre; Coral Thief comes equipped with a successfully collaborated Rock/HipHop feel to their cool reggae bass rhythms. Dave Baty has flawless vocals with a pop feeling to be unbelievably followed up by insane hiphop flow. The upbeat drumming by Randy “Byrch” Delmont brings out an energetic feel in all there tracks to be followed by killer guitar solos and compliments by Chris Howells, steering them into unprecedented originality. Double bass licks in reggae?!?! This is pretty much unheard of but nevertheless tightly accomplished to fit the cool reggae flow in the track “Remedy.” They don’t have an album yet but we are very anxious to see the final composition of the work they’ve been doing. Here are a few tracks they’re currently working on:



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