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Dammit! – Free EP Confused – Review

Dammit! – “State of My Nation”

Dammit! is an amazing small town band straight out of India.

“Six-piece Karnataka alt/grunge/punk band Dammit recently released their debut EP Confused. The overt national consciousness/paranoia/rebellion of the band bleeds into their EP and their album art.”  –NH7

The band consists of:

Anup Cowkur-Vocals
Rijusatvik-Lead guitar
Varun Sharma-Rhythm guitar
Rohit Nikam-Bass
Sidhesh Iyer-Keyboards
Nachiket kalburgi-Drums

The EP has only 3 tracks, but they are extremely well recorded and put together, and if I didn’t know better, I’d never be able to tell this band was from India.

All of these guys are great musicians, and they seem to mesh really well together. Anup’s English is perfect, and his voice compliments their groove perfectly as well. As far as punk bands go, these guys kick ass! Their lyrics and song concepts are full of purpose and they’ll also just rock the fck out.

The EP can be downloaded for free on the band’s Facebook page. It’s definitely worth a listen. These guys are awesome!

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari  Founer & CEO Beat-Play, LLC

Recording Drums in Bad Settings

We’re all aware that recording drums is such a pain in the ass, and ten times worse when the room you are in has no space or structure for sound. Thanks to 4Track magazine you can be walked through a DIY for those acoustically troubling predicaments. [Click the image above for the article]

Moksha Live at Quixotes True Blue [PHOTOS]

Click the image above to view more photos.

Coming straight out of Sin City with a rhythmic vengeance, Moksha killed it at Quixote’s True Blue, Monday and Tuesday night for the Phish Concert after party. Their funk-filled jam band style captivated the audience and had them dancing and grooving well into the wee hours of the morning. Moksha can put on an entertaining show, there is no doubt about that and for these shows they brought in a horn section comprised of Peter Apfelbaum, Jennifer Harswick, and Eddie Rich, as well as Denver local MC, A.P.O.S.T.L.E., who ripped the mic with a fire packed attack of potent lyrics.

Moksha is the real deal and they have proof of that. Recently, they received a trophy for the best alternative/progressive Rock band at the Vegas Music Awards and their song titled “Interface” was nominated by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, which they will be attending on November 18th at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Full Article Here

Jimmy Iles got some absolutely amazing shots of Moksha at their show last week.


ALBUM RELEASE: Lyrically Twisted – The 2nd Nature Mixtape [REVIEW]





It’s Lyrically Twisted back with a new mixtape, “The 2nd Nature” following his killer Introduction Mixtape. His last album was on fire with tracks like “In The Lab” and “Dear Seasons” but his introduction of this new mixtape has him on another level, bringing overwhelming consistency in his flow. “Breathin” is a hit as soon as you hear it, rivaling mainstream artists like Drake and J. Cole. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to get in touch with Lyrically Twisted to get his word on the making and distribution of “The 2nd Nature”


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