Lust Murder bOX – Band Review

Lust Murder bOX is a Goth/Electronica/Industrial band out of Austin, TX made up of Erik, Nox, Travis and Vaughn.

Lust Murder bOX – “Genesis”

I’ve got to say, I’m not a Goth Music enthusiast. I do love good music however, and these guys have it. You really get the sense that their music represents something more than just something to listen to. Their lyrical content is opinionated a raw. They’re not afraid to tell the truth.

I really like how they switch between male and female vocals throughout their music too. In terms of musical arrangement, these guys seem to have their sound down perfectly, and the experimentation in their music is refreshing. All in all, especially if you’re a fan of darker rock music, Lust Murder bOX’s new album The New Divine is a great pick up.

You can now listen to The New Divine in it’s entirety on Lust Murder bOX’s Facebook page (along the left side).  If you like it, show some love. These guys rock.

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari Founder & CEO Beat-Play, LLC


2 responses to “Lust Murder bOX – Band Review

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  2. Hey! I really dig Lust Murder Box’s sounds and want to interview them in Austin, TX. can someone please forward me their contact? It’s no where to be found on the internet.


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