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R.I.P. Gregory Isaacs

Today the music world lost one of the greatest reggae artists, revolutionizing the sound to open the spectrum for today’s growing interest in the genre. Show some love and have a moment of silence to one of his many hits, “Night Nurse”

Awesome Music Videos (w/ Zombies)

Band Website

Band Website

If you know of any other awesome zombie music videos, put the link in the comments and I’ll add them in here.  My Goal is to grow this list bigger by the weekend. -D


Happy ‘Quit MySpace Day’!

This day was declared by blogger, Andrew Dubber of New Music Strategies. I can’t believe I missed this one last year. We have been discussing MySpace and its everlasting decline in value as we plan for a greater music tool for the musicians and their fans that follow. This day was estabolished to get artists to boycott the music site for it’s terrible response to the demands of the people running the show [the users]. Read the whole article here.

Vinny Vegas – Band Review + New Vinyl Release!

Vinny Vegas is an amazing rock band out of Baltimore, MD.

The band consists of:

Justin Fogelman – Guitar and Vocals
Scott Siskind – Guitar and Vocals
Emmanuel Lee – Keys
Ian McDonald – Bass
Jason Cohen – Drums

Vinny Vegas has been around since about 2004. Their last EP Land of Giants had some of my favorite tracks from 2009 on it like Watch out for Mastodons and Four Rabbits (Listen Here). Now they’ve just released a 7” Vinyl recording with 2 brand new tracks. Here’s a sneak peak of one of them:

Vinny Vegas – “Ogre Hands”

Vinny Vegas fcking DESTROYS it! These guys should really be famous right now. If you like indie rock, you’re going to fall in love with this band. There’s not much else I can say about them, other than buy their new vinyl!

Listen to Vinny Vegas Free Here

And cop the new vinyl HERE

Reviewed by: Dante Cullari Founder & CEO Beat-Play, LLC


Sean Parker speaks on Piracy at The Daily Beast Conference [VIDEO]

Sean Parker of Facebook is completely backwards on his thinking towards the music industry. To say that the fight against piracy is a failure is absolutely absurd. Every problem has some sort of issue, it’s just whether or not people are willing to address the necessary steps to conquer the task. With the Beat-Play model not only will piracy be done away with, but the quality of music will greatly exceed the overall mainstream flood we currently experience. People aren’t going to stop illegally downloading music just because you have a cool player that harnesses tons of music. iTunes is around and the majority of people using it have libraries filled with pirated tracks. So why wouldn’t they just continue to illegally download the new music they hear on such a site as your own. As far as the ‘not being able to get your music from the service to other devices’ comment, this is what smartphones and applications are for. Technology is great because it gives us the limitless freedoms we need to cater to all the users’ demands. Spotify offers a decent service but doesn’t change the molding too much from iTunes except that it’s strictly online and they stream full tracks. I’m sure for a short period of time this will be a semi-successful model but the main user base will continue to be the same people that buy music today. If someone is pirating music today, what is to stop them from doing so tomorrow. Not Spotify. It doesn’t make it FREE.


Brooklyn-based Aunt Ange Release indie rock gem

It’s seldom these days for an indie rock album to be released free of any of the seemingly prerequisite hipster cliches, but “Olga Walks Away” manages to do just that.  The third release from Brooklyn-based Aunt Ange is too dark and theatrical to be compared to Dr. Dog, too organic to fit cleanly into the MGMT category, and way too original to be compared to most other contemporary artists.  If pressed for a reference point to describe “Olga Walks Away”, one would be more likely to compare this album to something you would expect from a Neil Young/Danny Elfman collaboration.

Continue to Full Examiner Article by Richard J Nardo

Chamillionaire Interview on ThisWeekIn.com [VIDEO]

Venture Capitalist, Mark Suster from Both Sides Of The Table VC Firm meets with Grammy winning rapper, Chamillionaire. Hear his side of entrepreneurship and marketing saavy and how he used this knowledge to leverage a successful career on his own in the music industry. Being a very honest person, Chamillionaire gives some great insight concerning all of the strings attached with involvement in the music industry and the business world all together. Also learn how social media can be leveraged from a artist and venture capitalist perspective to maintain a stable connection to your overall consumer base.

Dubious Quip – Live at Fete De La Musique [VIDEO]

Dubious Quip is a solo project by the Swedish artist, songwriter and producer Daniel Rosenholm. His music reflects his wide taste in musical styles. You can hear influences from soul, blues, reggae, dub, funk, hip-hop, samba, bossanova, salsa, pop and rock. Dubious Quip has got a great voice and a lot of potential.

Check out this video of Dubious Quip playing live at the Swedish version of the French street music festival Fete De La Musique.

Listen to the new EP by Dubious Quip called Obedient Minds for Free Here.


Kanye West – Runaway (Full-length Film) [VIDEO]

With the release of his newest album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” set for November 22, Kanye has been hard at work pushing new music out through mixtapes weekly. This newest work by Mr. West definitely brings a unique twist to the music video adding not only more songs to one piece of work but including a scripted storyline to accompany the music. Here is Kanye’s first Full-length film, “Runaway”