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Frestyl.com – Map Your Live Music Environment

A great online promotion tool is the new website http://www.frestyl.com. It allows artists, venue owners and the general public to create a profile and list events they will be performing/hosting/attending.

All the events are then viewable from a map of the area you’re in, making the info rather easy to get to.

Frestyl is an AWESOME tool for artists to promote their live events. The only problem right now seems to be adoption. It looks like they need more artists to advertise their events so the software will be more effective. Ha..their problem is they need artists to advertise their own events for free..why is that hard? If you’re an artist, try it out, this software has a lot of potential to take off.


of Montreal – “Famine Affair” Remix Contest

“We just launched a remix contest for our song “Famine Affair.” Anyone can enter and the winner will receive $500 along with our complete digital discography!

All entries must be received by Nov. 19, 2010. Winner will be chosen by popular vote between Nov. 22 through Dec. 6.

For more details and to download the stems, please go to:http://www.polyvinylrecords.com/famineaffair_remix_contest

Also, Nina and our friend Jason Miller shot a video for “Famine Affair” this past weekend. Look for it to debut in the very near future.”

The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard [VIDEO]

The Pirate Bay have some really big things going on right now between hearings with the Swedish government along with their ties to the current WikiLeaks issues arising in the United States.

Music’s Future is Cloudy, But Maybe Not So Different

Same as it ever was:

With talk of the cloud, streams, special proprietary devices that pipe vendor-specific sounds to particular home stereos, intelligent, always-on access to entire music collections, tablets and set-top boxes and … all of that … it can be tough to look into the future of music and audio. I spent the last weekend at Project Bar-B-Q, a mind-bending retreat of audio tech industry sages and engineers, on a team that looked at the issue. It’s not time yet to share those discussions, but as we face the dizzying array of possibilities ahead, this one quote stands out, pointed to me by someone in my BBQ group.

The article is from June, but as “cloud music” talk heats up, it’s worth pasting to your wall. The ever-insightful Sasha Frere-Jones writes for The New Yorker

…the near future of listening to music looks a lot like 1960. People will listen, for free, to music that comes out of a stationary box that sits indoors. They’ll listen to music that comes from an object that fits in the hand, and they’ll listen to music in the car.

Full story: You, the D.J.: Online music moves to the cloud.

I think a corollary is that, even with the big box playing music for free, people will want to own a collection of music and own things they take around with them, alongside the free things. Exactly where that line falls and in what way remains the sticking point.

But why stop at music listening, or even music creation? The idea above could lend perspective to any conversation about design and technology. The dimensions of the virtual, digital universe and its possibilities are indeterminate and difficult to conceive. But the dimensions of human beings are not.

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Anoraak – “Above Your Head” [VIDEO]

The creativity being produced in film is amazing today. Anoraak a French indie electro artist with a cool rock feel, released a really interesting music video using a 360° camera to their song “Above Your Head” The video is completely flattened, so no your computer is not going crazy, it’s just originality.


“Kill The Record Labels” (Official Trailer) [VIDEO]



The HipHop industry releases a new film bashing the record labels and their dishonest methods of making money from musicians’ talent. Rappers have been entering the independent music industry for many years using their own money to promote their music and respond to fans. Starring, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Chamillionaire, Lil Scrappy, Juelz Santana, and more. Now they are out to “Kill The Record Labels”.