– Map Your Live Music Environment

A great online promotion tool is the new website It allows artists, venue owners and the general public to create a profile and list events they will be performing/hosting/attending.

All the events are then viewable from a map of the area you’re in, making the info rather easy to get to.

Frestyl is an AWESOME tool for artists to promote their live events. The only problem right now seems to be adoption. It looks like they need more artists to advertise their events so the software will be more effective. Ha..their problem is they need artists to advertise their own events for free..why is that hard? If you’re an artist, try it out, this software has a lot of potential to take off.


3 responses to “ – Map Your Live Music Environment

  1. Thanks a lot for this post!

    I’m glad you think our service is awesome! (yeah it’s a bit hard to spell I know – it’s frestyl :))

    And you’re spot on about the adoption problem, we DO need artists to promote their shows (and likewise venues, organizers etc.). We want to create a community where the info about the shows is not just recycled from other websites (like ticketmaster) but generated by the people who are actually involved in the process of making live music happening. So that not just the big shows get listed, but even the small ones can make it and get some visibility if they play it right.

    Hope we’re right 🙂


  2. Ha sorry about the spelling.. I love the idea Arianna, and I will help you guys promote your service all that I can!

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