The Expendables Live at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom catered to a dual venue last night and had a cornucopia of exciting music. Starting off the night were The Flatliners out of Canada, who charged the crowd with their fast paced all out punk style slam dance music. Once the mosh pit cleared and everything calmed down a bit, it was time for C-Money and The Players Inc. You may know two of the members, C-Money and DeLa from the other band they travel with, Slightly Stoopid.  These two command an audience’s attention with their funk-filled horn section skills and last night they were just getting warmed up.

After C-Money and the Players set, you could feel the anticipation building in the crowd. Fans were pushing forward as the production crew began sound checks, a light mist was beginning to fill the packed house, and that lull right before the perfect storm was the indicator that the party was just about to explode. Sure enough, the lights went dark, the sea of people began jumping up and down like a raging swell, and bang, the first crack of lightning came from front man Geoff Weers’ guitar. It was on.

The Expendables came out with fists of fury, charging the late night crowd with songs of energy that had fans moshing around like a battle royal of MMA prized fighters. As the band got more into their set, the smooth flow of songs like “Ganja Smugglin’” and “Bowl for Two” were played in a blaze of glory. Even C-Money and DeLa got in the mix of musical magic for a bunch of The Expendables’ songs. This show had it all; by the end, the crowd was definitely glowing with a warm hue of red satisfaction.

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