Daily Archives: November 16, 2010

Introducing… The Bloody Five [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The Bloody Five just dropped their Bedroom Music album today for FREE download on their site. Just caught wind of these guys through twitter. They have a really unique style with an indie rock feel driven by upbeat drumming with an almost metal feel, having lots faster riffs. The new digital 5-track album is a great start to their originals collection. This is a great band with undoubted potential as they gain more influence and experience throughout their career. Here is a track from the album:

Never Again

MysteryGuitarMan – Stop-Motion Guitar Symphony [VIDEO]

I absolutely love how he acts like he doesn’t know how to play guitar at all in the beginning. What an awesome concept for song composition. Well played.

The Absolut Choir from Teenage Engineering

ABSOLUT CHOIR looks and sounds like no choir you are likely to have ever experiences before. In setting up an advanced framework of speech synthesizers, Teenage Engineering has created a multi-channel robotic choir, comprising 22 singing dolls in various shapes and sizes.

All Absolut Choir characters are connected to the mother CPU unit via Ethernet and high quality Neutrik power connectors. Check out a demonstration below:

This one’s pretty damn cool as well: