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Mr. Woodnote is Selling his Saxophone – all profits go to ygap – y generation against poverty

Mr. Woodnote, commonly seen performing with Dub FX, is selling his beloved saxophone to help support ygap – y generation against poverty, a non-profit from Australia who’s mission is to offer dynamic and practical opportunities for young, local volunteers to become involved with international development.

This looks like a great cause. If you’re looking for a Sax, you should definitely consider this one. Here’s Mr. Woodnote displaying his sax’s ability in “Get Down”:


SynchTube: Share Youtube and Vimeo [VIDEO]

Was on reddit today and found a post from someone talking about how they made this service to use with their girlfriend to share music together from both youtube and vimeo players in one place. He had since made some alterations to the site and wanted to know what the public thinks about it, and what they might be able to pull from the service. Read their explanation from the home screen:

synchtube allows you to instantly create public and private rooms where you can watch YouTube and Vimeo music and videos synchronzied with up to 50 people. Everyone views the same video at the exact same time!

Here is the promotional video from the site, teaching you their concept in 60 seconds:

Amazing Street Performer – Dub FX – Beatboxing, Looping, Singing – Reggae/Hip Hop [Video]

This guy is ridiculous, you gotta hear this shit. I’d buy his cd if I saw him doing that shit in the street..

I have no idea who this guy is or where he is from, but he’s amazing. (He says his name is Dub FX in the beginning). I think this really speaks to the volume of talent out there that’s still left to be discovered around the world. Never underestimate people.

Just found another ridiculous video from Dub FX on the roof top, he’s got plenty, (and a pretty big following too) he’s dirty:


Make a Rubber Band Shock Mount for your Boom Mic for only $3!

When attaching a boom mic to a pole, you need a special mount to insulate the microphone from pole noise. If the mic is connected directly to the boom, it will register unwanted sound whenever anything hits or moves across it (like the operator’s hands). Thus, you need a special mount that will ‘float’ the mic away from the pole. Rubber band mounts are a good way to do this, but are often very expensive (around $50). Why not make your own for $3 and put the rest back into your movie?

Continue to Full Tutorial


Necrophagist drummer Romain Goulon – Amazing! [Video]


And the Street Performer Hip Hop/Drum n Bass Version:


Cuckoo – “megaman REMIX” [Video]

Cuckoo…has a good name. From Oslo, Norway, he may be a little strange, but his music is also pretty dirty..not sure if there’s a relationship there or not. To me, Cuckoo seems  a little Aldous Snow – esque, if you’ve ever seen the movies “Get Him to the Greek” or “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Check out his website and his other videos and you’ll see what I mean.  – A strange coincidence that just adds to the lore of what is Cuckoo.

This “megaman REMIX” is disgusting:


Velocity Touch Sensitive Interfaces, Pressure Sensitive Ribbons, 3D Virtual Hand-Tracking Midi Controllers – Music is Still Growing

When I look at some of the new interfaces/instruments that continue to be rolled out, it makes me think about how each new musical device that comes out offers it’s own distinct set of new opportunities for artists. That then leads me to think about all the opportunities that can be created when you combine multiple devices like this together. This forces me to conclude that we have not even come close to seeing, or hearing, the full potential of what music is capable of being today. In other words, there is A LOT of room for growth. I think music creation is getting more interesting than it ever has been.  Check some of this stuff out:

Go to Create Digital Music for more info on what you’ve seen above.


Introducing… Mt. Eden Dubstep [MUSIC]

Dubstep has really made a large impact so far in Europe, finally pushing itself over to music lovers in the U.S. I stumbledupon this amazing track by the Mt. Eden Dubstep duo, Harley and Jesse, from New Zealand. I encourage everyone to tune into their YouTube page for some more amazing originals along with some wild mixes of artists ranging from Imogen Heap to Bob Marley. You’re gonna love this one:

Mt. Eden – “Sierra Leone”


Ossie Dellimore – Reggae Music [Album Review & Video]

The title of the album says it all.  Reggae Music, the sophomore album from Ossie Dellimore is 60 minutes of pure reggae at its finest.  Dellimore is a master of his craft and obviously has reggae music running through his veins.  The way he takes traditional Roots Reggae and projects meaningful lyrics on top of his music is truly unique.  Each song is another story as Ossie brilliantly flows from track to track leaving listeners educated about Roots Reggae and Dellimore’s personal journey through music.

To prove how much Ossie Dellimore loves his music and the words behind it, he donates a piece of each album sale to Doctors Without Borders, an organization providing relief to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe.

Check Out “The Secret to Success”, the first track off of “Reggae Music” by Ossie Dellimore:

For any of you who love reggae, there is absolutely no reason that Ossie Dellimore should not be in your music library.  With fantastic lyrics blended through smooth reggae beats, you can not go wrong when listening to “Reggae Music.”  You can buy the album here or preview on Myspace


Introducing… Cropla [VIDEO]

I just can’t believe that these guys haven’t made a larger impact in the music world, yet! Coming from Poland this band shows extreme professionalism in their tone and production of the 4 tracks they are currently giving away for FREE here. Check out their newest video for “Falling Down”