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DOT – “I Get Busy” + Bonus “Lets Get Blown” [New Releases] – Hip Hop

For your aural pleasure:

Spread the word – DOT is taking over. The underground is talking. Listen up, and keep your ears open for his upcoming mixtape Aviators and Bombers. Learn more here.

Here’s another fire bonus track from DOT – “Lets Get Blown”:


The Mile Markers – [Band Review]

Deeply rooted in folk music, The Mile Markers will take you back to the traditional sounds of American music.  Lead singer Julie Stratton takes every day stories of love, loss, and laughter and beautifully narrates each tale over an acoustic guitar, fiddle, banjo, and other traditional instruments that have made folk music so powerful over the years.

Fans of Bob Dylan will absolutely adore the sound of The Mile Markers.  The band truly represents the American folk sound and has an impressive live set to go along with their fantastic recordings.  Trust me, if you are a fan of bluegrass, folk, or country, The Mile Markers are a band that needs to be in your music library.

For more music from The Mile Markers head over to their MySpace by clicking  HERE and check out their WEBSITE for more information and upcoming performances.

How to Make a Contact Mic (Piezo Pick-up) for under $10

Whether you want create noise music by banging on scrap metal, cheaply and easily amplify your acoustic instrument, or just play with wires, you’re in the right place. You will need:

  • piezo transducer (radioshack 273-073A)
  • 1/4″ audio cable (eg radioshack 42-2381A)
  • tape, solder, hot glue, heat shrink tubing, etc

That’s all! It’s pretty simple an inexpensive: two piezos and a six foot cable cost me ten dollars and yield two mics. You also probably going to use pliers, a razor blade, and a soldering iron or hot glue gun if you have them. Kids, we’re playing with things that are hot and sharp, so don’t tell your parents or they’ll get all up in your shit.

Full Tutorial Here

When you hook these piezo mics up to a good amp they can sound really good. It’s because they have a much wider pickup range than most guitar pick-ups so you get some great highs and lows. If you have a guitar you should definitely watch this video:


SKRILLEX – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites [VIDEO]

This album is insane by SKRILLEX. Watching this EP teaser they put together to promote the album will give you a great idea of the crazy transitions that take place to expose the scary and nice within each track. Enjoy this video and check out the whole album here.