7ft Soundsystem – “Kids At The Pool” – African Dope – Dub/Reggae/Electronica [Music]

Reggae for Robots and Dub for Droids

Click the link below to hear “Kids At The Pool”

7ft Soundsystem – “Kids At The Pool

7ft Soundsystem released their debut album God Shuffles His Beat independently last year. The album features collaborations with a host of South American vocalists, including Zolani Mahola of local super group “Freshly Ground”. They call themselves ” Digital Dub music duo with an insatiable passion for Jamican Roots music.” We say, if it’s inspiration you want, Jamaica’s not a bad place to start looking. You can take a listen to some of their music on their Soundcloud page.

7ft Soundsystem (Yves Adler and Andrew Winer, both former members of the band 7th Son) describe their debut album as, “A head brew of rollin’ bass, skanking rhythms and sci-fi sounds. An electronic interpretation of the old Jamaican Soundsystem culture, using live musicians, vocalists, 1980’s computer game sounds and LOTS OF BASS”.

(When people talk to us about BASS they speak in capital letters)

Wickid’. Make sure you grab the free tracks we gave out in our last few releases by clicking the links below, and get ready for another one from Mr.Sakitumi next week!!

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African Dope

Dank feat. Bakaman (Jam Jarr) – Mumble Jumble

Closet Snare – Pros And Cons (Bonus Track)

Mr.Sakitumi – Element Of Supplies

Check out 7ft Soundsystem killin it live in the studio with “Rub a Dub”:


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