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Hang Cousins – For Your Aural Pleasure [Video]

Gotta love some good hang music to end the day.


Conduct Your Own Orchestra of Balls – BallDroppings.com + Piano Stairs

BallDroppings instructions: Turn your sound up. Draw lines on the black screen to bounce the balls. Enjoy the music.

This is way too annoying to be this addicting..but it’s a lot of fun. The picture above, when I took it, kinda sounded like some carnival music from an old episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark. Taking the screenshot slowed it down just enough to where you could make some sense of it..pretty creepy sense..anyway I always love to see weird software music experiments like this. It makes you even more certain that there are endless possibilities out there, especially when it comes to music…and little balls.

Here’s some more fun with music:



Arrested Development Live [Slideshow]

Arrested Development, SICK afrocentric hip hop group first made popular in the early 90’s is still keeping it real. This is one of most energetic bands to see live. These guys never stopped moving the whole time. If you want a great time, these guys are a great choice. Click the pic above to go to their site and hear them now!

Here’s some pics from the show – Full Slideshow Here


Adventures in Sound – Ice Melt

The guys at Radium Audio Labs came up with this very cool experiment. I’ll let them explain:

Getting into the Winter Spirit, we decided to freeze a contact mic and record it as it defrosted.  In order to freeze it, we placed it in a small dish and left it outside overnight, as the Labs aren’t equipped with a freezer!  To speed up the process, near-boiling water was poured into the bowl on top of the ice.

The results were pretty interesting, have a listen below:

This is really cool..more pictures here: Flickr

Umconscious – [Music Review]

Perfectly blending Hip-Hop and Rock, Denver artists Umconscious have to be one of the biggest unsigned music acts in America.  Covering all horizons of music, from acoustic to straight Hip-Hop, the guys from Umconscious really show that there is more to Hip-Hop than just a computer beat and some lyrics.

Much like the sounds of popular acts 311 and even a bit of Linkin Park, Umconscious is honestly one of the best new acts I have heard all year.  You have to respect the fact that these guys are musicians in a genre where people can simply use computer generated beats.  They pack loads of talent into their Hip-Hop through the music they play and the powerful lyrics they provide over top of it.

Umconscious is one of the best bands in Denver, Colorado and they have enough talent to spread that feeling all over America.

Indie Music Blog Comparison [INFO]

Rub-A-Dub-Dubbb (http://rub-a-dub-dubbb.com)

  • Uses: New music, videos, and interviews.
  • Genre Info: Dubstep and Electro
  • Ad Annoyance: No Ads
  • Reach (target): Dubstep fans. Nothing to far out of this genre.
  • General Info: From the site: This site aims to help artists with promotion and exposure and may also show you some cool shit along the way.
  • Blog Contact Info: rubadubdubbb@hotmail.com


One Track Mind (http://one-track-mind.com)

  • Uses: “Music Discovery Made Easy, One Song at a Time.”
  • Genre Info: Any
  • Ad Annoyance: Banner Ad at the top and a 300×250 on the right sidebar. The ads use products to promote music related events. They are flash ads that expand when you roll over them. In a bad positions for that technology so it becomes quite annoying if you’re browsing.
  • Reach: Music lovers
  • General Info: One Track Mind is a daily music blog which spotlights a different individual song each day. Each featured track is critically assessed and open to discussion via user ratings and comments.
  • Blog Contact Info: email.otm@gmail.com


Weve Got The Jazz (http://wevegotthejazz.com)

  • Uses: Independent artist videos, music and news.
  • Genre Info: Hip-Hop and rap
  • Ad Annoyance: Banner and 300×250 (top and sidebar) Completely irrelevant to what the site is about. Definitely annoying.
  • Reach (target): Hip-Hop lovers
  • General Info: WGTJ helps spread the news along with the hits from the independent hiphop world, helping promote the newest and/or best musician.
  • Blog Contact Info:


Jonk Music (http://jonkmusic.com)

  • Uses: “Everyday a song from around the web.”
  • Genre Info: All Independent Music
  • Ad Annoyance: No Ads
  • Reach (target): Music Blog Lovers (Indie Music)
  • General Info: Jonk music promotes independent artists by posting a new song everyday from indie music blogs all over the web. They also do a good job referencing the blogs where the song was found, so it is a great place to find more indie music blogs similar to itself.
  • Blog Contact Info:
    • Twitter: @jonkmusic
    • Facebook: jonkmusic
    • Email: jonkmusic@gmail.com


By: Mark G. Valente | Online Marketing Director | @MarkwithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Happy 90th Birthday to Dave Brubeck [VIDEO]

A dominant music sensation of the jazz era, Dave Brubeck has innovated the style and meaning of music on  multiple levels. His inconceivable ability to hear rhythms and tones set him far apart from the other famous jazz musicians of his era. With Dave on the piano there was much more than fast upbeat dancing, which was typically popular at the time, it was about the feeling of the music and the emotion he could pull from any audience through the mastered syncopation of his infamous Dave Brubeck Quartet. Have a moment of ‘silence’ as you hear one of musics most influential people of the 20th Century. Here is “Take Five”