Umconscious – [Music Review]

Perfectly blending Hip-Hop and Rock, Denver artists Umconscious have to be one of the biggest unsigned music acts in America.  Covering all horizons of music, from acoustic to straight Hip-Hop, the guys from Umconscious really show that there is more to Hip-Hop than just a computer beat and some lyrics.

Much like the sounds of popular acts 311 and even a bit of Linkin Park, Umconscious is honestly one of the best new acts I have heard all year.  You have to respect the fact that these guys are musicians in a genre where people can simply use computer generated beats.  They pack loads of talent into their Hip-Hop through the music they play and the powerful lyrics they provide over top of it.

Umconscious is one of the best bands in Denver, Colorado and they have enough talent to spread that feeling all over America.


2 responses to “Umconscious – [Music Review]

  1. I completely agree!!! The UM is the Shizznit!! Plus whoever is taking those photos is off the CHAIN!!

    • No other than our boy Jimmy Iles from Denver, CO. Catch him on twitter @JimmyMWL. Also don’t forget to check the Photo Page =

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