Rhyne McCormick – Live at The Cap Theatre [Album Review]

Rhyne McCormick is a strong believer in music and that its healing power could save one’s soul.  He is constantly proving that statement with each song on Live at The Cap Theatre. McCormick, a blend of folk, country, and the blues, hails from the great state of Pennsylvania.  Armed with simply an acoustic guitar, McCormick brings his musicianship alive with powerful vocals and catchy guitar riffs.

Being a solo artist, it is truly amazing how much musical presence he brings with just his voice and guitar.  McCormick is an extremely talented guitar player and even a better vocalist and song writer.  If you are in PA and have a chance to catch Rhyne out on the road, I promise you will not be disappointed.  If not, you’ll have to wait til he continues his musical journey to a music venue near you but either way, Live at The Cap Theatre will definitely keep you entertained until the time comes..

**Check Out Rhyne McCormick HERE for music, photos, & tour dates**

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