Before The Fall – [Music Review]

Before The Fall has something for everyone.  After making them known in the Worcester hard rock scene in 2007, there has been nothing but praise for their live performances and musical talent.  Complete with a wide variety of musical taste and style, along with dynamic stage presence, B4TF shows are always one to remember.  With obvious comparisons such as Evanescence, FlyLeaf, and a heavier version of Paramore, the band touches several different types of music with their songs.  Lead singer Misty Silva empowers her voice and demands attention when listening to B4TF.  Silva sings with a burning desire that is felt in her passionate words as they flow over brilliantly mastered hard rock music.

Before The Fall is currently working on an EP release which you will be able to find in January 2011.  You can also catch them on the road January 7, at the Red Onion in Baldwinville, MA and February 5, at Irish Times in Worcester, MA. Check out their website HERE and their music on MySpace.

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