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Dot – “Do you think about me?” [New Music]

Dot. Still on the daily rip. One of the best yet. Here’s the newest:

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Go Periscope – “Crush Me” [VIDEO]

Jumpin’ beat to get the weekend started off. Go Periscope brings the disco vibe back with Crush Me. Click the image above to hear more from them.

AntiVJ – ENGHIEN – Ridiculous Video art [Video]

AntiVJ is a visual label from Seoul, South Korea. You need to see this video.



Ground Up – “The Road I Travel” – Sick Jam Band!

“The Road I Travel”

Denver, Colorado is known as a feel good city and what better goes with a feel good city then some feel good music. The type of music, that makes you want to get up out of your seat and groove to the rhythms that set your soul free. This, my friends, is what Ground Up delivers at each one of their unique and energetic jam band filled shows.

Home grown in Denver, Colorado, Ground Up is a four-piece band that has been artistically molded by its environment. Most people say that we are a product of our environment, and in this case, Ground Up is that particular product that is flying off the shelf like the new G.I. Joe with the kung-fu grip.

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Photography by Jimmy Iles – Dir of Operations Beat-Play, LLC

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