Daily Archives: December 22, 2010

The Random Tunesmiths – Live Acoustic Session [LiveStream]

Live acoustic session from 10pm(Ireland time) featuring a changing lineup of players every week. Live from John Daly’s Pub, Mullingar every Wed night. Check em out!


The Drums – Best Friend [VIDEO]

The Drums

An extremely catchy tune from this Brooklyn based New York City band. Here is another collaboration with the Black XS Live Take Away Shows set in the streets of Paris outside of a costume store front. The lead singers high vocal range melodically leverages the rhythms of the drums and guitar. Here is “Best Friend” performed live and please take time to see some more by The Drums here.

World’s Best Ukulele Player – George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” [Video]

This is an amazing cover of an amazing song in Central Park. He plays it pretty flawlessly. Definitely check out Jake Shimabukuro’s website. He’s got some other awesome free music on there too.


Sound Mixing: 10 essential tips

I found this helpful tutorial from The Whipping Post

And here is a basic overview of the tips:
1: Use MONO Sound Sources
2: Rest your ears
3: Keep the bass and kick panned dead center
4: Use EQ to cut, not boost

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Isle of Tune – The Strangest Music Sequencer Ever

This sequencer is pretty ridiculous. You lay out a bunch of different objects like houses and trees and lamp posts and you set each one to the sound that you want it to make. Then you send cars through your isle to play the music. It’s actually pretty fun and will take up entirely too much of your time, but you should still give it a try.


POLOCK – Fireworks [VIDEO]

Great footage from The ‘Black XS Live Sound Take Away Shows’ where Polock performed, “Fireworks” on the beaches of Barcelona. The thick fog had rolled in while they were setting up which they claim gave the video ‘footage a sort of Icelandic feel.’ Please take some time to hear some more from POLOCK and enjoy this awesome recording.