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Mix n Blend’s Drum and Bass Double EP’s “Joy” & “Lost” Sneak Peak + more – African Dope Records

Welcome to the exclusive pre-release of the Mix n Blend Drum and Bass double EP, courtesy of African Dope Records out of Cape Town, South Africa.

The EP’s, named “Joy” and “Lost” both have two tracks, featuring vocals by Sindy Dondolo and Crosby, as well as some ferocious work on the guitars by Bosko Popovac. You can pre-listen to the tracks here and pick up either EP for R20 or both for a discounted R30( little under $4.50).

Here’s a track, I believe from Mix n Blend’s debut album, that you can find a free download of on African Dope’s Facebook, along with a lot more sick music:

Mix n Blend meet Fletcher – Shall We Swing [Liver Remix]

Make sure you sign up to African Dope’s mailing list to get all kinds of free dope music. Today we got a free download of a sick new EP called “Honey Beats.” It was commissioned and compiled by the cogs of Dopeness herself, Honey B. It features two tracks by Sibot, one featuring Xspand, a remix of a Mix n BlendFletcher track by Kalahari Surfers, and a track each from Jam Jarr and Dank. It’s pretty dank.

I’m not sure if I should do this, but here’s a track from the “Honey Beats” EP by Mix n Blend that will hopefully persuade you to buy their new double EP, because they’re really that sick. And for $4.50, I might even buy 2..enjoy:

Mix n Blend & Fletcher – Shall We Swing (Kalahari Surfers Swinging In The Rain Remix)

NI’s Holiday Spirit – Free Reaktor Prism little brother – Micro Prism [Free Software]

A free instrument from Native Instruments is always a good thing. This time it’s an abridged version of NI’s popular Reaktor Prism synthesizer. There’s even a free version of Reaktor included if you don’t have it. Download Here!

Go here to learn more about Micro Prism

Lasse Gjertsen – Stop Motion Drum and Piano [Video]

This is really sick. I’m surprised there’s not more of these out there. Lasse Gjertsen is a pretty funny dude, check out his website.


The Whatmans – “Kiss The Mind” [VIDEO]

With a new album releasing in 2011 entitled, ‘Fire Up The Masses’, The Whatmans throw out their first single, “Kiss The Mind” in this cool black and white video. Coming from Ireland, we are starting to see a huge list of talent coming out of Europe in the Indie Rock game, with these guys being at the top from my book. They may be smaller now but their commitment and professionalism behind this new album will surely drive their popularity to new heights in 2011. Keep an eye on these guys and watch for the release of their newest album in 2011.

JJ Grey & MOFRO – “The Sweetest Thing” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

If you’re a fan The Derek Trucks Band you’re going to love the same feel good sound JJ Grey & MOFRO bring to the table with, “The Sweetest Thing”. The slow blues build up in the beginning transitions perfectly with their souther rock tone in the chorus.  This southern group out of Jacksonville, Florida is currently touring the south eastern states, so I would highly recommend checking out their tour schedule and finding some time to jam out. You can also visit their website to get a FREE DOWNLOAD of “The Sweetest Thing”.