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Acoustic Guitar Battle: Stochelo Rosenberg vs. Eric Vaarzon Morel

These guys are AMAZING – wait til the end. My favorite part is the comments tho:

Highest Rated Comments:

i just wish the guy with the whistle would fuck off and let them play. very amazing.

did i just watch 2 men have sex?


Thicket. – Sick Audiovisual Interactive App for iPhone & iPad

Awesome Create Digital Music blog find:

“What could audiovisual art made for tablets look like? Some dismiss the results as “toys.” The creators of Thicket embrace that very role. Thicket, the product of electronic A/V artists Morgan Packard and Joshue Ott, is intended as a kind of immersive distraction, filling the screen of an Apple handheld or iPad with clouds of abstract color and ambient sound. Free of controls or widgets, playing with Thicket is a bit like sticking your hand into a mist, more gently responsive than overtly interactive.

It’s also lovely, and – for the moment – free. As an experiment, Josh and Morgan are offering up Thicket free of charge on the store, meaning those of you with appropriate devices can try it out as you read.


Continue Reading – Interview w/ Creators

The Rubberbandits – “Horse Outside” [Music Video]

Just the right dose of Irishmen swearing to brighten up your day and mine.

The Rubberbandits are dirty.

Joana Newsom – Shallow (16bit remix)

You gotta hear this remix, it’s disgUSTING. Not quite sure who did it.

Introducing… Teeth & Tongue [VIDEO]

Have a look at Melbourne, Australia zouk group Teeth & Tounge with their video for “Sad Sun” by Lucy Dyson. For those who are unfamiliar with this newer genre originating from the 80s, zouk is an Antillean Creole word meaning “party” or “festival” coming from the Caribbean islands. Teeth & Tongue place themselves amongst a rare bread of music in their demographic being not one of the popular zouk areas of the world. Enjoy their new video here and you be the judge; great video editing and design work is for sure.

Piracy Trumps Obscurity – Proof of Piracy Boosting Sales

SICK article from The Lazarus Corporation. It needs to be shared for everyone to see:

“Here’s a short illustrated story for you:

Steve Lieber is a comic book artist. He drew Underground, a graphic novel (written by Jeff Parker, drawn by Steve, and colored by Ron Chan).  The story follows Park Ranger Wesley Fischer as she tries to save Stillwater Cave – and then has to save herself.

On Sunday (3 days ago, as of time of writing) a fan posted scans of every single page onto 4chan (EDIT:archive of the 4chan thread on Steve Lieber’s site), a well-known discussion forum.

Yup, all Steve’s work is now out there for free. Steve found out via a message on Twitter.

He didn’t go mad.

He didn’t call in the lawyers.

Instead he went to the forum and joined in the discussion:

Techdirt has a much-used phrase for this: “Connecting with Fans“.

Yesterday Steve posted a blog post – Whole book for free; or learning from 4Chan – explaining what had been happening.

What happened next? Well, today Steve posted a graph of his sales of the very same comic book (which he sells on Etsy):

I don’t think that anything can really illustrate Tim O’Reilly’s argument that “Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy” (and various other points in his seminal 2002 article) than Steve’s experience.

This has all happened in the past 3 days: a huge surge in sales thanks to “piracy”.

Steve Lieber is currently discussing this series of events on Warren Ellis’ WhiteChapel discussion forum if you’re interested to hear more of his experience and thoughts.

And you can buy Underground on Steve’s Etsy store.

I’m starting to wonder when we’ll see a “Dummies Guide to Getting Your Work Pirated” on the desk of every artist, writer, musician … and marketing executive.”

Dubstep recommendations for everyone!

This dude put together a pretty nice mix:

“I’m aiming to provide people a starting point with several different artists and examples of good songs of theirs.

For more options, check out some of the better YouTube channels that showcase talent such as:
www.youtube.com/user/inspectordub (Dubplate’s old channel was deleted for some reason :/)

Also, look in the comments for more recommendations even if people are being dicks.”