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DOT – Live Sessions #1 + Latest [Video]

Gawdamn! Dot man..yes it’s really that real.

Also check out Dot’s latest track – “The World is Not Enough” It’s sooo dope.


Found these guys (Greg Fisk and Ben Samples) while I was clicking through some electronic music videos on youtube. Got a sick live video for ya along with a full stream of The California Grassroots Mixtape 01 by this dope hiphop/electronic/dub duo out of Denver.

Gregory Alan Isakov – This Empty Northern Hemisphere [ALBUM REVIEW]

Waking up on a couch at 6am is usually one of the roughest thing you can do after a night out but when your woken up by “if I go, I’m goin” which featured at the end of the new episode of Californication it aint such a bad way to wake.

South African born, Philadelphia raised & Colorado based Gregory Alan Isakov’s 4th album “This Empty Northern Hemisphere” which features “if I go, I’m goin” is sure to open his music up to a wider audience and too right. He has shared stages with Ani Difranco, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Calexico, Brandi Carlile and Fiona Apple.

His Songs are plush with glowing arrangements. String sections that compliment and never overpower the more folksy
instrumentation of delicate banjo and accordion and nylon sting guitars. Backed by Brandi Carlile on a handful of tunes he delivers melodies that warm the heart and embed his lyrics in your mind long after the record stops. recorded in many different locations. a closed down bookshop, his apartment, in studio and at Carlile’s house his loosely woven folk music is in the vein of Iron & Wine, acoustic Springsteen and I’m sure I could go on but to do that would make less of Gregory as an artist in his own right.

Here is a live version of album highlight Virginia May featuring Brandi Carlile.

you can pick up a copy from links provided on his website here

Random Abiladeze – “Got My Own Style” [VIDEO]

If you haven’t seen this guy from the “Kitchen Raps” post last week you should definitely check it out now. This guy has some serious flow, comin out of Sacramento here is his first official video for “Got My Own Style” off his album “Skill Before Swagger”. Also check out the track, “Way 2 Flow”.

Animal Collective – “What Happened?” [MUSIC]

Real cool track by Animanl Collective I scooped up off of SoundCloud. The song comes from ‘ODDSAC‘, a visual album created by Danny Perez and Animal Collective. It has a very Radiohead feel to it with the mellow background and soft vocals. Here is “What Happened?” followed by the trailer from their visual album ODDSAC.

The Super Orchestra- No One Deserves a Winter [Video]

The Super Orchestra – No One Deserves a Winter from The Super Orchestra on Vimeo.

In 2009 Swedish band The Super Orchestra released their album We are Standing Still Before Moving on

You can download for free from

King OLA – “Viva Las Gidi” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Another jumpin’ party mix from your boy, KING OLA with ‘Viva Las Gidi’ blending a great compilation of the most recent Afrobeat tracks. This is a 57 minute jam right here, so I advise you to turn the speakers up and kick it. Please enjoy the entire mix below:

Download Full Mix

Download MultiTrack

Don’t Blame the Youth – We, DBTY – Volume 1 – World Techno/House EP – Free Full Preview

This is simply huge! To celebrate the sounds they love, DBTY decided to put together a nice, big release with the artists they dig, have worked with or want to work with the coming year.

You’ll find some epic world bass, tight house beats, and most of all, a big bunch of dance floor bangers on this EP. The line up makes is ridiculous. They’ve got some of last years most celebrated djs in there, raw talent! All courtesy of us, the DBTY Fam – enjoy!

Full Playlist:

DBTY is a family and a movement.

DBTY is a label, a blog, and an international dj-crew consisting of several members from Stockholm and France. They mix, produce and remix Baltimore, world techno, house and juke with the purest passion.

Their Djs Vem’Detta, Hollydjee, Low Pee, Legobeat, Pier, Scisqo, Sticky Stockholm are awesome. They simply want to make people dance, drink and pump their fists.

You have GOT to also check out one of their older mix eps: PARKLIFE BENCH COMP on mixcloud.

Reptil – “Prende Y Quema” – [New Music Video]

Reptil out of Medellin, Colombia does some disgustingly sick Electronica/House/Funk music. Check out their latest video “Prende Y Quema” translated, means Turn and Burn.

Definitely check out More of Reptil’s Music here, they’ll keep you movin all day!

Indie Music Blog Comparison #3 [INFO]

Can You See The Sun Set (

  • Uses: Display all types of independent musicians from anywhere.
  • Genre Info: Punk, Rock, Alternative
  • Ad Annoyance: 300×250 google banner ad on the right side-bar with some relevance to the music lovers and musicians.
  • Reach (target): Punk rock music lovers looking for new music on a semi-consistent basis (about 10-20 posts per month on average)
  • General Info: Being individually managed, music is posted from all over promoting album releases video, and other up to date  music news about specific artists. Also a great archive of their 50 favorite albums by year of release.
  • Contact Info:

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