Daily Archives: January 6, 2011

Nosaj Thing – “Heart Entire” [Disgusting Electro-Hip Hop DJ]

Nosaj Thing is beyond ill.  He blends the sickest electro sounds with some really dope beats. Heart Entire is one of my favorites, check it out:

Nosaj Thing – “Heart Entire”

I credit the There was rain blog for introducing me to Nosaj Thing. You can find more of his stuff there, or on his website.

iDaft – The sickest Daft Punk app! [CRAZY addicting]

Everyone needs one of these next to them at all times for the world to be a better place, in my opinion. Check it out!

TOBACCO – Stretch Your Face [VIDEO]

This beat is just killin’ it! It would sound unbelievable with someone spittin’ over the beat like NAS or Eminem. Will someone take this loop, write a verse to it, and send it to us at Beat-Play, LLC for promotion. Please click the image above for more from TOBACCO. Dirty track, enjoy:


Lyrical genius on this track by ATMOSPHERE. This week in 2005 the released an album entitled “Headshots Se7en”. Check it out more here and enjoy this killer flow.