Daily Archives: January 10, 2011

Sadie Fleming – [MUSIC REVIEW]

Hailing from the United Kingdom, there is really only one word that can describe the music of Sadie Fleming. Beautiful. The way Fleming beautifully sings over piano and acoustic guitar will calm your body and mind to the point that her music will actually take over.

Fleming is a natural when it comes to singing and playing music and it definitely shows in all of the work I have listened to.  Her MySpace is filled with great music along with an unbelievable version of “Wonderwall”.  You can also listen to Sadie Fleming’s music HERE.

NERO – Me And You [VIDEO]

Bumpin’ club track combining hiphop, house, and dubstep for a sensational sound is NERO out of London, U.K. This new track just released for sale on iTunes last week so please check it out. To view more music by NERO click the image above.

Nujabes – Hikari [MUSIC]

Sick hiphop track from Nujabes, fresh out of Japan. This is probably the first hiphop artist I’ve heard from Japan and let me tell you, this guy is legit! Click the image above to hear more from Nujabes.

The Antlers – Two [VIDEO]

Pretty cool video here by The Antlers. It reminds me a lot of the South Park animations. Please check out more of their music and get the FREE Download of this EP, ‘NEW YORK HOSPITALS’