Indie Music Blog Comparison #3 [INFO]

Can You See The Sun Set (

  • Uses: Display all types of independent musicians from anywhere.
  • Genre Info: Punk, Rock, Alternative
  • Ad Annoyance: 300×250 google banner ad on the right side-bar with some relevance to the music lovers and musicians.
  • Reach (target): Punk rock music lovers looking for new music on a semi-consistent basis (about 10-20 posts per month on average)
  • General Info: Being individually managed, music is posted from all over promoting album releases video, and other up to date  music news about specific artists. Also a great archive of their 50 favorite albums by year of release.
  • Contact Info:

Listen Before You Buy (

  • Uses: Listen to new work by independent artists, along with reviews and videos.
  • Genre Info: All genres
  • Ad Annoyance: No advertisements
  • Reach (target): music lovers looking to discover.
  • General Info: They promote independent musicians from many different genres with album reviews, song posts, videos, and free downloads. You can also visit their and hypemachine music stream lists to hear all of their promoted music from the blog. A great place to discover new music daily (about 3 posts per day).
  • Contact Info:

NJ Underground (

  • Uses: Find music, news, events, and artists in the tri-state area.
  • Ad Annoyance: Top banner ad goes fairly unnoticeable. Side-bar tower ad is quite obtrusive and both ads are completely irrelevant to music or the community.
  • Reach (target): Music lovers
  • General Info: This is a great site to find new music, and even to be a contributer through photography and video recording. The contributions of others builds on the success this blog has continued to have since its release in the Summer of ’09.
  • Contact Info:

Indie HipHop (

  • Uses: Discover new artists and news from the independent HipHop community.
  • Genre Info: Only Rap and HipHop
  • Ad Annoyance: One block ad on the top of the right side-bar. The ads do pertain to music and the community.
  • Reach (target): HipHop lovers looking for new artists from the community not played everyday on the radio.
  • General Info: From the blog; “ is a blog created by producer/artist Steve “Funkworm” Butler that primarily focuses on delivering news and information that relates to the business of independent hiphop culture.
  • Contact Info:

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3 responses to “Indie Music Blog Comparison #3 [INFO]

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  3. good blogs! i especially liked listenbeforeyoubuy

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