Daily Archives: February 14, 2011

Young Galaxy – “Cover Your Tracks” [MUSIC]

Just a brilliant track by Young Galaxy with masterful production by Dan Lissvik from the Swedish duo STUDIO. You can look forward to this song along with 10 more to be released on their upcoming album, “Shapeshifting”. This is a new sound for the group with the improved production quality and really takes the group to a totally new height in their musical ability. Enjoy “Cover Your Tracks”:

The Morning Benders – “All Day Day Light” [VIDEO]

Here’s a look at the video project by Jack Ferry done for “All Day Day Light” by The Morning Benders off their most recent album “Big Echo”. Listen for the new style they bring to a widely loved sound coined by many of the greatest rock bands. They have a very early sixties rock feel similar to The Beatles, which you can also find their FREE download of ‘Ram On (Paul McCartney Cover)’ here. Enjoy the video and please grab some of their music!