Philly’s New Fresh Prince [Video]

Could rapper Fese be the next Mixtape King? The North Philadelphia native has been creating an astonishing buzz for himself making 100.3 The Beat’s, DJ Damage’s top 20 club songs for 2010. You can find his videos on Youtube,  his songs spinning all over Philadelphia radio stations and clubs. If you don’t know him you may know his songs that you subconsciously bop your head to on your way home or while your ordering your drink at the bar. The rappers latest single 4 Wings has people in a frenzy ready to pop a hole in the extra sweet ice tea from the Chinese store. The video for his single was shot on Temple University’s campus, though not a college student, Fese is well known throughout the University and is frequently ask to perform at campus shows.

Outside of performing the rapper has been staying busy on Youtube, collecting incomparable numbers than any other unsigned artist from Philadelphia outside of the recently signed Meek Mills.  Fese’s, Do You Want That video has almost 15, 000 views and as for his new single 4 Wings, which is still  increasing in numbers is receiving  roughly 29,000 views, but none of them top his Four Loko smash hit which has 139,398 hits, nearly close to the numbers Meek Mills had when his records began spinning on local airwaves in the City of Brotherly Love. Without a doubt Fese is destined to success as his fan base begins to rise, he soon will be a household name adding another notch to Philly’s belt.

By: Mereb Gebremariam | Beat-Play Ambassador Philadelphia| @MerebwithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC


One response to “Philly’s New Fresh Prince [Video]

  1. 🙂
    ❤ a huge fan !*
    Keep doin watchu doin boo!
    #215affiliated !!!

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