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Wise Words From A Wise Man [Interview]

Ladies and gentlemen presenting Jersey’s own, Davon ‘Wise Vega’ Brown. Just beginning his rap career a year ago, Wise Vega has been writing at a very young age. Creating a split personality in his name, his name Wise displays his conscious rap side, attacking all of the world’s struggles through his lyrics and Vega, which is his mother’s last name displays his cocky raw side. Getting ready to release a double mixtape, College Kid and Mindstate88 in May, Wise has recorded almost eighty songs since he began a year ago and will begin shooting videos for the world to see him and vibe out to his songs. In addition, Wise has been performing and competing against other rappers in New York City at the Webster Hall in downtown Manhattan. His most popular lines, “You can call me what you want, a rapper or writer, professional shit talker…” That line simply describes the his music and the direction he’s going in with each song, “That’s basically what it is. I don’t care who you are, Talib Kweli or Fabulous that’s basically what you’re doing.”

His favorite song on the album is Piranha, which was written when Wise was on his low point and decided to go in full effect after he heard the hook his producer wrote which fit his situation like a glove, “Everything that was going on at that time was in that song. It was really perfect.” As far as looking for a deal Wise is looking for the best situation possible, perfecting his craft, performing his work, and in the midst of releasing his double mixtapes in May, this young artist has the world a his feet waiting to be formally introduced.

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King Of All Kings, Selassie [Interview]

People gathered at a small West Philadelphia bar in anticipation for Selassie’s farewell performance. The Philadelphia rapper by way Ethiopia was now heading to LA to expand his career and follow his dreams of a successful music career. Many friends began smiling and were excited to see which songs off his album he was going to perform, as strangers kept a neutral Philly facial expression and refused to show any interest until Selassie could prove himself. Dressed in a burnt orange shirt with an imprint of his face in all black in the middle, that purposely resembled his mixtape cover for marketing purposes and a plain black fitted on his head. Fresh and ready to start his show, he grabs the microphone and spits his rhymes for the last time in Philadelphia.

At the age of 11, Selassie picked up his older brother’s rhyme book and rapped his lyrics to his older cousin and her friends; the reception he received was immense. “ It made me feel so good, that I decided to pursue a career as an emcee. Becoming a rapper helped me find the one thing – that I was great at writing. After years of perfecting his craft Selassie decided to make the ultimate move three years ago, the Philadelphia native left Philadelphia for Los Angeles with only $300 to his name, taking the chance of a lifetime in pursuit to expand his rap career and further educate himself about the music game, ”A doctor goes to Medical school, a lawyer goes to Law school. So I thought I should do the same, and that’s when I enrolled at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.”

His stage name, Selassie which comes from his deceased father Haile Selassie Fekadu, who was also named after the great Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie, who was believed to be the second coming of Christ by Rastafarians. Selassie wasted no time and began networking and building a studio in his home producing and recording non-stop. His latest mixtape is called Mind on Pluto, which explains his state of mind, “The state of mind I’ve always been in, which is so far left that I feel foreign to today’s common man. His favorite song on the freshman mixtape is “Aurora Borealis,” which he plans on making it his intro to his mixtape, “It really gives you a view of my world and really sets the tone of the mixtape.”

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Atmosphere – “Just For Show” [MUSIC]

Here is the first track released for Atmosphere’s upcoming album “The Family Sign”, set to hit stores April 12th. Please visit them here to download this track along with pre-ordering the album. If you’re unaware of these guys I would absolutely suggest checking out some of their later work with hits like “Trying To Find A Balance” and “The Waitress“.

Box Office – “Chances” [MUSIC]

Box Office is a 4-man melodic rock band from the suburbs of Bellville, South Africa.  Their influences include Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, Billy Talent, Muse and Radiohead.  Although the band officially formed in 2006, their first show wasn’t unitl 2008.  Check out their music and a list of summer venues they’ll be playing around Cape Town…

Listen Here

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Ryan Wickersham – “Firecracker” [VIDEO]

The name Ryan Wickersham seems to arise more prolifically on the Central Pa music scene over the last few months. After a ringing endorsement from a close friend, I felt compelled to check this guy out and I’m certainly glad I did. For a young man who can’t legally drink, Ryan brings a mature, soulful sound that is beyond his years. Ryan, who released his debut album, “Bottom,” a little more than a year ago, will be performing at Niko’s in Lebanon, PA on Friday, March 4th. You can find out more about Ryan, as well as information on future events at his facebook page. The following video is Ryan performing “Firecracker” off his debut album:


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Black Market Riot – “Machine [MUSIC & NEWS]


Black Market Riot is an alt-indie punk rock band that formed in 2008.  The four men are from Stellenbosch and Somerset West, and have played at various venues in South Africa, including winning the mystic Boer Battle of the Bands in 2008.  Their first EP, “Box of Dreams” was released in 2009.  “Machine” was the first single from their album…



Black Market Riots is losing its’ bassist, Nico Mans soon (he’s moving to the United States).  If there are any bass players in the Stellenbosch or Somerset West region, the band will be holding auditions, for more information click here.

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Dirty Skirts – “Homewrecker” [VIDEO]

The Dirty Skirts are an alt-indie rock band comprised of Jess de Tolly on lead vocals and guitar, David Moffatt on guitar, Passion Paliaga on bass and Markie de Menezes on drums.  They have built an impressive underground following since releasing their EP in 2005.  The first full length album, “On a Stellar Bender” was released in 2007, with “Homewrecker” being one of their biggest hits.  The band has toured at SXSW in the US, along with countless festivals in South Africa…


By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC