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Awolnation – “Sail” [VIDEO]

I first came across this one last week as it started to top the charts as an emerging track on WeAreHunted. What really came as a surprise was all the garbage that had to be sifted through until you got to number 17 and it felt as though you hit the number 1 hit. Being unfamiliar with Awolnation before this song opened a whole new world for me. It starts off with a simply great beat driven by extremely low bass tones to be followed by Aaron Bruno’s naturally raspy vocal. Coming off the first album, “Back From Earth” Aaron has described this as being more from a dark side of his life which is clearly noticed in this track as well. Here is the video for “Sail” which also gives you a cool visual aspect towards where the music is coming from. You can also visit AWOLNATION Facebook Page for Free Downloads.

Also check out the new title “People” which was just released today on their Facebook Page, to come out on their upcoming album on the !7th

OngkusD feat. Bakaman – “Savage Soft Symphony” [MUSIC]


Classified as Trip N Bass And Rap the interesting combination of genres immediately caught my attention.  The beats are performed by OngkusD , a French-folk producer, and the rapping is by Cape Town’s own Bakaman, who is also the vocalist for Jam Jarr.  Although Bakaman is half of Jam Jarr, he has collaborated with other artist like Dank, Mix N Blend and Liver.   Check out Savage Soft Symphony and other tracks by Bakaman here.  Jam Jarr also plays at various venues around Cape Town if you want to catch the glitch-rap duo live.

By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC