Truth and Salvage Co. [MUSIC]

I think it’s safe to say LA has an extremely diverse music scene.  That’s pretty much a no brainer.  It’s also a place where musicians from all walks of life and musical tendencies can come/ meet up and create something like Truth and Salvage Co.  They are comprised of six members with four lead vocalists who are all also song writers.  Sounds like a creative control nightmare, but they have recently release a self titled record and its really good.  Interesting…

Hail Hail – Truth and Salvage Co.

The members of Truth and Salvage Co. hail from the southeast and midwest part of the country.  They met in LA emerging from the famed Hotel Cafe and the popular/ crowded singer songwriter scene.  No doubt about it, they draw from country and southern rock.  That made me quiver a little bit when a friend told me to check them out.  This band definitely has their fair share of country sounding tracks, but when you make the transition from that part of the country to LA and are influenced by such powerhouses as Tom Petty and The Eagles the blend of country and rock can be delicious.

This record does it for me.  Maybe it’s the LA themed lyrics that remind me of why I love living here or the fact that its just easy to listen to.  So with that said here another track off thier self titled debut.  It’s a little bit country and a good example of the LA theme throughout the record (hence the title), but I think you’ll like it.

Welcome to LA – Truth and Salvage Co.

Ok fine it was pretty much hard core country.  But hey a little Southern rock isn’t necessarily a bad thing sometimes.  My favorite track on the record is called Rise Up.  It’s a much bigger sounding tune and arguably the best one on the record.

Rise Up – Truth and Salvage Co.

Truth and Salvage Co are on tour and you can buy their self titled album here.

I never thought I’d find myself gushing over this kind of music.  It’s just not my thing, but the record as a whole is a tribute to the sounds of LA past just maybe not Gun’s n’ Roses or Motley Crue.   Truth and Salvage Co. definitely bring a classic rock and roll heart.  I love the band and I love the record.  I guess even the most die hard country and southern rock haters can be converted.  Here’s one last gem.

See Her – Truth and Salvage Co.

Truth and Salvage Co. are playing the famous Troubadour in LA tonight (March 18th, 2011).  I will be there and you should be too.

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL |

Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

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