Battles “Ice Cream/ Gloss Drop”[MUSIC][SONG]

Battles.  One of the best band names I’ve ever heard and one of the most creative/ best bands I have ever seen.  If you have ever had the privilege of seeing them live I think you’ll agree that not only is there live show a proverbial “battle” but it’s also the sweatiest fun you can have with your pants on.

In 2007 Battles released a full length called “Mirrored” with the massive track “Atlas” and a ridiculous video to go with it (below).  Cut to 2011 and they are releasing a follow up to “Mirrored” and it’s called “Gloss Drop.” With a new track “Ice Cream,” just released on their website recently with the rest of the record due out in early June this is a first listen from their new record.

Ice Cream feat. Matias Aguayo- Battles

Over the summer multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Tyondai Braxton left the band.   Here’s what bassist Dave Konopka had to say about the line up change on this new record from

I’m not going to candy-coat it– the situation was kind of dark. The three of us argued and were pissed off after Ty left but we were like, “Fuck that. That’s chapter’s closed. Let’s move on.” From there, the most important thing was to maintain the integrity of what the band means to us and to carry on with it. When Ty left over the summer, we were close to having an album’s worth of material– we had put so much energy into the project and then we had to re-establish ourselves as a three-piece. The end result is a culmination of reworked things we’d been putting together the past couple years and some newer songs. —

Obviosuly ready to move in a new direction with a reworked lineup here’s what Dave had to say about the bands positive outlook for “Gloss Drop” and more specifically the track “Inchworm” yet to be released.

There’s one called “Inchworm” that’s based on a four-hour jam I did by myself in our practice space– which reminds me of this guy upstairs from our space who kept knocking on our door and losing his shit. He’d go, “You guys are driving me… “– and his voice started cracking because he was so angry– “fucking insane.” He was like, “It sounds like you’re dropping a fucking anvil down here! I don’t know what type of music this is but even people that like your music don’t like your music!” So maybe that gives you an indication of how good this album is going to be. [laughs] —

I am ready for some new Battles.  It’s been four years and if “Ice Cream” is any inclination of how “Gloss Drop” is going to turn out I think we are all in for a massive treat.

Ice Cream is available for download here. (iTunes)

Gloss Drop is available for pre-order here on the bands site or here at Bleep (with a free Ice Cream download).

Last but not least just to get your juices flowing for the new record here is “Atlas” off thier debut record “Mirrors” and the video for it as well.  I think you’ll agree the world needs more Battles.

Atlas – Battles

Atlas – Battles

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL |Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

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