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Miami Horror [ALBUM REVIEW]

Australia has some explaining to do.  Mostly because whenever I hear music that comes from that part of the world I love it.  I don’t understand.  It must be something in the water.  Before I get into Miami Horror’s most recent release called “Illumination” I have a confession to make.  When I first heard this record, well mainly the first tune I wasn’t too pumped.  That’s why it should be a global rule to always listen to at least the first 4 tracks when introducing yourself to a new artist.  I live by that motto and therefore I’m all about what Miami Horror has to say.  “Illumination” is their first full length release and it came out in mid 2010.  This electro pop dance party on plastic seems to be just what the doctored ordered for those of you who obey the rules and regualtions of “thirsty thursday” or thirsty whenever.  To get the party started here’s a track called “Holidays”.

Holidays – Miami Horror

Honestly I felt like the 80’s just slapped me in the face on first listen.  Ok fine, on the second listen and third as well.  It’s obvious where Miami Horror’s musical inspiration is drawn from.  Melbourne’s Ben Plant is the man responsible for the pop synth electro rhythms on “Illumination” having planted the roots of his music and Miami Horror in his apartment with various synths and toys.  Wanting to make Miami Horror a full on band he acquired the likes of Josh Moriarty, Aaron Shanahan and Daniel Whitechurch who round out the rest of the band.

“It started out that I didn’t want to have any guitar on the album besides a little funk guitar or disco bass,” Ben grins while explaining the turning point for Miami Horror’s evolution. “But then Josh came in and started playing all these other parts that sounded amazing. Paired with what I was working on, nobody was doing anything like it, so I knew we had to turn those sounds into a live thing and just go wild.” — MiamiHorror.com

The record sounds massively fit for any dance club or rock club.  They are refined and extremely tight as a band.  They have played major festivals at home and have opened for major acts such as Phoenix, La Roux, Friendly Fires and Lily Allen abroad.

They have a lot of sick videos up on there site here (I got scolded by youtube when I embedded them on this page).  I don’t really condone the use of drugs nor do I preach it but if you watch this videos you might as well be trippin’ your ass off.  One of my favorite tracks on the record is called “I Look to You”.  The video is a prime example of how they pair their music with psychedelic visuals.

I Look to You – Miami Horror

“We’ve spent about ten months alone mixing the album, which is a process that should normally take two weeks,” Ben laughs. “We always just said ‘f**k it, we have to make the album that we want to make’ and this is it. We made it.” — MiamiHorror.com

With a definite case of perfectionism this record is fun to listen to, dance to, party to, drink to… pretty much anything accept sleep to.  They have just wrapped up a North and South American tour and are on their way down under for a full blown Australian tour.

Grand Illusion – Miami Horror

I can’t stress enough how much fun this band is to listen to especially if you enjoy getting down with your bad self alone with only your boxers on in the living room when your roommates aren’t home.  But enough about me, I’m stoked that I gave them the four song shot because I would have hated to miss out on this band.

You can buy “Illumination” HERE.  Check out the bands FACEBOOK page HERE.

Ok fine, here’s the last track on the record just for kicks…

Ultraviolet – Miami Horror

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL|Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Artist Profile: Carey Ott

Carey Ott is an awesome singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN that I stumbled upon today. Les Wiseman describes Carey in the following manner:

“Now it’s hard not to use the word sensitive when you’re describing Carey Ott’s music, there’s always that derisory sensitive singer/songwriter connotation. So while there are many simpering acts that we can write off, let’s not forget those that put real courage and devastating honesty in their lyrics: John Lennon, Paul Simon and Lou Reed come to mind. Not wimpy stuff, not in the least, it’s bare and raw. And while Ott’s melodies are the stuff of angels’ daydreams, his lyrics are the stuff of a soul bared. There’s alienation, loneliness and pain -and it ain’t there for trendies or the emo crowd. It’s there for real people who like to turn on some music that makes them feel there’s someone else out there who feels the way they do, that there’s someone to rely on (which happens to be the title of cut 8), that they’re not alone.”

You can check out his single “Ain’t No Upside” as well as other songs from his new album, Human Heart, at his ReverbNation page. Make sure to check out his facebook page as well.

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The Evidence – “Damn That River” [VIDEO]

You can find “Damn That River” on The Evidence‘s new project, “Currents,” which is released to the public on April 12, 2011. The Evidence is a punk-rock group from Calgary, Canada. They will be touring in Europe during the month of April promoting their aforementioned new album. A 2010 recipient of the CFEX Xposure Award and a band with an awesome sound, The Evidence is a group I plan to keep my eye on. Check out their website for more information and tour dates.

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Stereo Crowd – “I Got It” [VIDEO]

Everyone once in a while you hear one of those songs that you swear you could listen to for months on repeat. I found one of those songs this morning. It’s called “I Got It” by Stereo Crowd, an urban alternative quartet out of New York City. The energy they bring is amazing mixed with their hip-hop/funk/rock/soul vibes creates a truly entertaining experience. I look forward to hearing their future projects. Check out their facebook page to keep of with Stereo Crowd.

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Farryl Purkiss – “A Million Grains of Sand” [VIDEO]

Farryl Purkiss is a singer-songwriter based in Cape Town.  After learning to play the guitar at 15 he began writing songs shortly after his 16th birthday.  In 2005 he released a self financed EP which caught the attention of 2feet Music.  Purkiss  began touring in South Africa and abroad to promote his first full-length album, which was released in 2007.  Following the success of his first album, Purkiss has toured extensively throughout Australia, Europe, the United States and South Africa.  His music has also been featured in commercials,  television shows and movies.  His most recent album, “Fruitbats & Crows” released in 2009 was nominated for multiple South African Music Awards in 2010.


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Charles Bradley – “The World (Is Going Up In Flames” feat. The Menahan Street Band [MUSIC]

Hats off to Brooklyn’s recent finest, 62 year old Charles Bradley, who teams up with fellow motown vibin’ soul group The Menahan Street Band in this instant classic. The man has an unbelievable voice that stands out like the late James Brown, which you notice a whole lot more on his more recent release, “How Long”. This one here is all about the soul tones delivered in those sensational bass lines and bangin’ dub horns. Here is a track along side a growing list of classic 60s & 70s soul R&B sound like the more recent Mayer Hawthorne. Catch this hit along with the rest of Charles’ newest full length album, ‘No Time For Dreaming” at his website.

Wavves – “King Of The Beach” [VIDEO]

Gettin’ into that Beach Boys vibe with Wavves from Southern California as they lay down their latest video for “King Of The Beach”. This is what it would be like if the Beach Boys got ‘Beastie’ on them. These guys really show you how to take advantage of the lovely weather in SoCal, just living life and having a good time no matter what the circumstances. Definitely a really fun video to match the hit people loved all last year. Check out the “King Of The Beach” album along with their latest work on “Summer Is Forever” EP.

DJ Funafuji – “Zulu Chamber” [MUSIC]


DJ Funafuji is one of the leaders of the dubstep movement here in South Africa.  Together with Ish, she is one of the organizers of Step Up, a premiere dubstep night at Fiction in Cape Town, which began in 2008. Her sound outside of the Step Up dance-floor often moves away from just Dubstep to include Drum n Bass, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Funk-Soul and local Glitch-Hop.  When Safiyya Bryce isn’t busy spinning vinyl this multi-talented artist is completing her fourth year of medical school!  Talk about a Renaissance woman. Check out her latest track “Zulu Chamber” to dance along to the double-time rhythms of the modern-bass music.


By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Hot Water – “Laduma” [VIDEO]


Hot Water embodies what it means to be a truly South African band.  By incorporating African instruments such as the kwela, mbaqanga, maskandi, and kwasa kwasa with musical influences from folk, blues and indie-pop they create a unique, uplifting sound.  The band formed in 2005 when Donovan Copley began to collaborate with artists he felt inspired to work with.  Within a year the band had a debut album “Home,” played at the prestigious Kirstenbosch Gardens Summer Concert series and was featured on BBC World’s Destination Music’ series.  

Since their early success the band has played throughout South Africa and Europe, had their music featured in commercials and non-profit campaigns and produced three albums, the most recent being “South.” According to the many, simply put: the music brings people together – across ages, across cultures, across races, across gender, across borders. Hot Water creates a space where people from any background have the opportunity to relate on common ground.


By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC