Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues [NEW MUSIC]

Montezuma : Album opener,  A song about self absorption, loneliness and selfish notions of immortality.

Bedouin Dress : 2nd Track, “It’s about the idea of taking and not giving anything back, that’s at the heart of a number of songs on the album” – Robin. Almost didnt make it on the final album.

for me the highlight on the album.

Sim Sala Bim : Track 3, Written on a trip  to Big Sur, Heavily influenced by Roy Harper with a 12 string guitar resonant throughout the song.

Battery Kinzie : Track 4, “Its was the last thing we did and done quickly” – Christian. “I Wrote this a couple of years ago and always thought it as more of a solo song. It has a simple Dylanesque melody and i couldnt think of a good band arrangement for it.”

Plains/Bitter Dancer : 5th Track, Described by Robin as “Smile-type studio experiment” starting with layered vocal and simple guitar lick, growing into an epic, ornate and symphonic piece, inspired in part by “Kathy Cruel” a song covered by Bert Jansch. “Its my Grim Reaper song” – Robin.

reminds me in part of recent Midlake. that could just be the flute and layered harmonies. judge for yourself.

Helplessness Blues : 6th Track, The Paul Simon influence comes to the fore in this cut. the second half of the songs was completely re-recorded changing from the mellow vibe of Fleetwood Mac “Albatross” to a much more soaring ending.

The Cascades : 7th track, Instrumental and a reminder of Robin’s love of Morricone.

Lorelai : 8th track, Beach Boys meets Paul Simon combining to make something in the vein of “Norwegian Wood” or “Forth Time Around”. “It’s about friendship, how allegiances change over time. I was thinking of Skye and the summer we were 17. We’ve known each other a long time” – Robin.

Someone You’d Admire : 9th Track One of the newest songs. mostly Robin on Guitar and single vocal. “There’s always two people in you, The Devil and The Angel, Which one will you turn out to be” – Robin

The Shrine/An Argument : Track 10, The albums central piece, 8 minutes of sweeping, tender, mornful and resigned genius. “It describes 4 stages of a break up – Contemplation, anger, frustration and solitude.” – Robin

Blue Spotted Tail : Track 11, “That’s one of the songs on the album that deals with a universal feeling. To me, there’s no reason we’re here. but that doesn’t make it any less incredible and creativity is at least an expression of our humanity. In the face of any thoughts about what we’re actually here for, then our ability to create is the only answer for me” – Robin

Grown Oceans : Album closer, 1st single. Written by Robin as a mellow reflection only to be transformed into somethinf more transcendent by Christian’s vocal arrangement. “It’s like a dream of where you’d like to end up after going through all the turmoil. Somewhere there’s peace  and peace of mind, something you’d like to find at the end of a long journey” – Robin


All quotes taken from recent Uncut interview with Robin and the band.

By: Shayne Byrne | Beat-Play Ambassador Ireland | @shaynewithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

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