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The Tallest Man On Earth [MUSIC][VIDEO]

Kristian Matsson is the tallest man on earth.  I was introduced to this amazing artist by a coworker of mine. I went to the show that evening after listening to a few tunes and was completely blown away.  A mid twenties kid like myself came out on stage and immediately commanded the audiences attention.  The intensity in his voice with unbelievable guitar work kept the audiences full attention warranting almost complete silence while he was playing for over an hour.  I was/ am still blown away.
The Wild Hunt – Tallest Man On Earth
OK I know what your thinking.  He sounds like a young Bob Dylan right?  Wrong, well o.k. maybe the grit in his voice is reminiscent of Dylan, but his guitar work is far superior/ different.  His lyrics tend to lean on nature and his own life.  He said “I don’t think I could write a song without mentioning birds,” with a grin at his show.
King of Spain – Tallest Man On Earth
Tallest Man released a self titled EP in 2007 and followed it up with a full length offering called “Shallow Grave” in 2008 and “The Wild Hunt” more recently in 2010.  My favorite track is called “Burden of Tomorrow” from “The Wild Hunt”.
Burden of Tomorrow – Tallest Man on Earth
He is currently on tour with Mumford and Sons with a slot at the upcoming Coachella Festival in Indio, CA.
If you ever get a chance to see Tallest Man do yourself a favor and check him out.  His music is original.  His guitar playing is unreal and you definitely will feel compelled to listen with every ounce of attention you can muster, I know I did.
Tour Dates are HERE.
You can buy his records HERE. (iTunes)
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Method Man & Redman Live at City Hall, Denver,CO [Photos]

Method Man and Redman Live at City Hall, Denver, CO


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Method Man & Redman – “Mrs. International” (Feat. Erick Sermon)

Check Out Their New Album Blackout 2

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