Darwin Deez “Darwin Deez” [MUSIC][ALBUM][VIDEO]

If you like catchy well thought lyrics and even catchier melodies then Darwin Deez is for you.  If not you might as well go back and take a nap in the room down the hall labeled “boring”.  Darwin Deez is a simple musician.  The songs are simple and the words are direct and as I said before, catchy.  He has three other musicians that play with him live and based on this record it sounds like fun show to go to.

The music we play is authentic, homegrown, minimal pop/rock that I write from the heart, baby.  We also like to break it down like a fraction to custom mash-ups.  What I mean is, we dance on stage between songs. — Darwin Deez.com

It’s this kind of tongue and cheek humor that lured me toward Darwin in the first place.  A few people had written to me asking to blog about him and I didn’t know how into the music I was.  Then I saw the video’s and it all clicked.  Fun is the name of the game and I’m down with that.

Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

I think Darwin has a great voice that suits his style of music really well.  He’s really funny and although I’m sure he takes his music very seriously I don’t think that he takes himself to seriously in the best way possible.  My favorite tune on the record is called “Bad Day”.  It’s all the stuff you ever wanted to say to someone you don’t like, but set to a simple melody you can’t help but bounce along.  Darwin is funny.  His humor comes through in most of his songs, especially this one.

Darwin Deez – Bad Day

Here’s a live version.  It takes a minute for them to get into the actual song, but it’s great quality and worth a look.

It took Darwin about two and a half years to complete this record with minimal equipment in his NY apartment.  He only has four strings on his main guitar and “he didn’t use the word ‘baby’ in any of his songs.”  He has a great out look on his music and enjoys the touring life and wants his shows to be a big dance party and if you don’t like it he’ll probably slap you with his curls.

If said throughout this article that Darwin’s music is simple.  I say simple, but not simple minded.  He uses appropriate instrumentation throughout the record and appropriate effects.  It’s not over done at all.  The simplicity comes from his understanding of his own songs and the realization of what limit to push the music to before it becomes un-simple, which wouldn’t do these songs any justice.

Here’s one last tune from Darwin Deez’s self titled release.

Darwin Deez – Deep Sea Divers

Darwin is currently on tour HERE.  He’ll be hitting LA’s echo on July 7th.  You can buy his self titled debut record and EP HERE.

OK fine here’s one more song…

Darwin Deez – Up In The Clouds

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL|Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

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