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American Aquarium – I Hope He Breaks Your Heart [LIVE]

Hailing from Raleigh, NC, American Aquarium’s southern musical perspective is a blend of honest songwriting, an unwavering work ethic, and a genuine love of rock & roll. Whether you call it alt-country, Americana, or roots rock, one thing is for certain: Their music is a fresh voice that borrows from many forms of the American songbook.

25-year old songwriter and band leader, BJ Barham, brings songs to the five other band mates who breathe life into a performance that is equal parts Springsteen-esque rock bravado, old-school country lyrical heartbreak, and indie-rock introspection. From the college coeds to tattooed bikers and hipsters, the band has demonstrated their ability to cross boundaries.

With 5 years, 5 albums, and over 700 shows under their belts, American Aquarium is the continuance of the road warrior meets studio craftsman ethic that has long been a part of the rock & roll and country music cultures. They are a band and crew that spend their lives between a van with no air-conditioning and stages all across the country. Their collaboration forms a wholly new and polished version of what Americana might start to look like in the years to come (exert from facebook)

Bonus: You can here their single “Hurricane” off their album, Small Town Hymns, here: American Aquarium – Hurricane.

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Tribal Seeds Live at Cervantes’, Denver, CO [Photos]

Tribal Seeds Live at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, CO

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Tribal Seeds – “Vampire” feat. White Boy John

Check Them Out!!!!

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The White House Band – #Sky-High

WHB Frontman, David E. aka Mr. "Dopesauce" Beats

The White House Band is a self-proclaimed “New Vogue” group from Brooklyn, combining hip-hop, hard rock, and blues since February of 2010. Their latest project, “The Stimulus Package EP,” was released earlier this year. It’s quite refreshing to hear a unique sound and the White House Band delivers this. Check out one of their new singles titled “#Sky-High.”

For more information on the group, check out their website or hit ’em up on facebook.

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Audiophile 021 – “Quarter Mile” [MUSIC]

Audiophile 021 AKA Steven Elsworth is a very talented Capetonian DJ whose music has transformed from rock and metal to dubstep, grime, glitch, minimal and bass.  A sound engineer by trade, he spends most of his life enveloped in chords and rhythm. As a DJ and producer, he marries solid production steeped in pure quality and original style.  You can check him out live at his frequent performances at The Assembly in Cape Town.

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The Green Live at Cervantes’ Other Side, Denver, CO [Photos]

The Green Live at Cervantes’ Other Side, Denver, CO

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The Green – “Wake Up”

Check Them Out!!!!!!

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aKING – “In the Twilight” [MUSIC]

aKING is a melodic, alternative pop-rock band based in Cape Town, South Africa.  The band formed when Hunter Kennedy and Jaco Venter from Fokofpolisiekar joined forces with friends Laudo Liebenberg and Hennie van Halen in making music that expresses their shared experience of growing up in Cape Town’s northern suburbs. aKING’s debut album, Dutch Courage, was released in 2008, yielding three # 1 hit singles. aKING is currently one of South Africa’s top rock acts, drawing capacity crowds at venues and festivals across the country.

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Darwin Deez “Darwin Deez” [MUSIC][ALBUM][VIDEO]

If you like catchy well thought lyrics and even catchier melodies then Darwin Deez is for you.  If not you might as well go back and take a nap in the room down the hall labeled “boring”.  Darwin Deez is a simple musician.  The songs are simple and the words are direct and as I said before, catchy.  He has three other musicians that play with him live and based on this record it sounds like fun show to go to.

The music we play is authentic, homegrown, minimal pop/rock that I write from the heart, baby.  We also like to break it down like a fraction to custom mash-ups.  What I mean is, we dance on stage between songs. — Darwin

It’s this kind of tongue and cheek humor that lured me toward Darwin in the first place.  A few people had written to me asking to blog about him and I didn’t know how into the music I was.  Then I saw the video’s and it all clicked.  Fun is the name of the game and I’m down with that.

Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

I think Darwin has a great voice that suits his style of music really well.  He’s really funny and although I’m sure he takes his music very seriously I don’t think that he takes himself to seriously in the best way possible.  My favorite tune on the record is called “Bad Day”.  It’s all the stuff you ever wanted to say to someone you don’t like, but set to a simple melody you can’t help but bounce along.  Darwin is funny.  His humor comes through in most of his songs, especially this one.

Darwin Deez – Bad Day

Here’s a live version.  It takes a minute for them to get into the actual song, but it’s great quality and worth a look.

It took Darwin about two and a half years to complete this record with minimal equipment in his NY apartment.  He only has four strings on his main guitar and “he didn’t use the word ‘baby’ in any of his songs.”  He has a great out look on his music and enjoys the touring life and wants his shows to be a big dance party and if you don’t like it he’ll probably slap you with his curls.

If said throughout this article that Darwin’s music is simple.  I say simple, but not simple minded.  He uses appropriate instrumentation throughout the record and appropriate effects.  It’s not over done at all.  The simplicity comes from his understanding of his own songs and the realization of what limit to push the music to before it becomes un-simple, which wouldn’t do these songs any justice.

Here’s one last tune from Darwin Deez’s self titled release.

Darwin Deez – Deep Sea Divers

Darwin is currently on tour HERE.  He’ll be hitting LA’s echo on July 7th.  You can buy his self titled debut record and EP HERE.

OK fine here’s one more song…

Darwin Deez – Up In The Clouds

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GhostNote – Album preview [NEW MUSIC]

GhostNote are an edgy electronic outfit, with an infectious, addictive sound and a bitter sweet twist. You have never heard anything like GhostNote before. Tony Fenton (TodayFM) describes the pair as “one of those rare gems worth highlighting” when he awarded their first collaborative release “The Turn” his prestigious Daily Download on Today Fm. Producer Dos, was chosen by David Holmes for a Sony PSP soundtrack and has been playlisted on RTE 2FM previously. You will be memorized by the vocal tones of (Stace) Gill and Dos’ production skills. Creative use of sampling and manipulation of unique sounds will demand your attention and leave you wanting more.

GhostNote are Stace Gill & Dos. This electronic duo are one of Ireland’s best kept secrets. The two have been perfecting their art for over 3 years, with a couple of previous releases under different guises. GhostNote are now ready to be let loose on the music industry. Dos is a highly skilled sought after producer, but has chosen to commit the majority of his time and skills to making his own music. He has worked on various projects with Kool Keith, Guilty Simpson, Exit 15, Dj Tu-Ki and continues to produce and record for labels in the UK and Sweden. Having been awarded the Sennheiser Scholarship to attend Paul McCartney’s college LIPA (an award only given out to one student each year, based on their outstanding skills in music and potential to excel at LIPA), Ross graduated with an honors degree in sound production and has turned down several high profile jobs and various music projects to stick to his dream, making music. Dos prides himself on attention to detail in every tune and creating new sounds that are 100% unique to GhostNote. Dos is a hidden and modest talent in Ireland, and GhostNote will, for the first time reveal a true artist and an astonishing producer.

Dos’ collaboration with Gill, has blended two amazing talents into one mind blowing sound. Gill resigned 4 years ago from her day job to pursue and perfect her musical dream. Gill has supported and shared the stage with various great artists from James Vincent McMorrow to Declan O’Rourke, Dirty Epics to The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra and many many more. While maintaining her own music career Gill has also spent much of the last few years helping 100’s of bands promote their own music. Working as a radio Dj on a live show for Dublin City FM, PR campaigns with Goodseed PR, founding and managing the Purty Sessions and helping coordinate “Rising Stars” for Dublin City Soul Festival. It is Gill’s passion for music that drives her forward and now it is GhostNote’s time.

GhostNote are fully loaded and ready to release their debut album in 2011, they are constantly writing new material and their backlog of beats is endless.

check out their site @ for updates,info, more songs and gig dates.

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Charles Bradley feat. The Menahan Street Band “No Time for Dreaming” [ALBUM REVIEW]]

Daptone Records out of New York is one of my favorite indie labels for one reason and one reason only, the ability to go above and beyond with their artists in production value and sound.  OK fine that was two reasons, sue me.  They have managed to keep the sounds of 60’s and 70’s soul and blues alive in a big way.  Artists like Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings have flourished because they have been given an environment to create new music with respect to the old sounds.  Now Dunham Records (an offshoot of Daptone) has found another diamond in the rough, Charles Bradley.

Charles Bradley –  I Believe In Your Love

I read Mr. Bradley’s bio and I was blown away.  Talk about hardship scarafice and true unadulterated love of music.  The man has hitchhiked or traveled all over America, from Maine to Alaska, picking up odd jobs along the way.  Basically living  on the streets for a good part of his life, Charles Bradley has always had a love for music.  After seeing The Godfather of Soul James Brown at the Apollo in 1962 he knew he wanted to be a apart of the scene, but circumstance after circumstance led Bradley away from what he loved.

Charles Bradley – The World (Is Going Up In Flames)

This record in a word, heavy.  It’s a biography of a man’s life leaning on hard times and suffering.  The thoughtful music is sung by a man who has not only felt these emotions but lived them.  I’d tell you more about Charles, but I think I’ll let him fill you in better than I ever could.

Charles Bradley –  Why Is It So Hard?

Bradley was discovered playing, his idol James Brown, covers in Bedstuy, NY under the name “Black Velvet” by a representative from Daptone Records.  After listening to this record I can see where Bradley’s raw vocal talent comes from.  He and his label mates knew it was time to put his story on tape.  He like many other successful artists sings about what he knows and doesn’t pull any punches.  Backed by the Menahan Street Band, Bradley is a vocal force reminiscent of the great James Brown who he loved so much.  If you love the soulful sounds of the 60’s and 70’s do yourself a favor and check out Charles Bradley and the Menehan Street Band.

Charles is currently on TOUR and his new record “No Time For Dreaming” is available in many formats through the Daptone site HERE.  He will be playing LA’s Echo on May 4th.

Here’s the title track and the last track from “No Time For Dreaming”

Charles Bradley – No Time for Dreaming

Charles Bradley – Heartaches and Pain

Check out Daptone as well.  They are an awesome little label with an amazing roster.  And as they say, I hope they “Keep Puttin Soul Up.”

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The Black Hotels – “Stone Wife” [VIDEO]

The Black Hotels, an indie rock band from Johannesburg recently released their second full-length album Honey Badger.  The band formed in 2006 and spent most of 2007-08 on the road, completing six national tours in 18 months.   Films for the Next Century, their first full-length album was released in 2009 and nominated for a 2010 South African Music Award for Best Alternative Album. One of my favorite tracks from their newest album is Stone Wife.  The video is directed, shot and edited by Garreth Fradgley.  Mark your calendar now, The Black Hotels will be playing in Cape Town at The Assembly June 4th!

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