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He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister [CONCERT REVIEW]

Last night I went to the monthly residency at LA’s Satellite Lounge which used to be called Spaceland or is still called Spaceland.  I don’t know.  I went for two reasons.  The fist was it was a free show and a good friend of mine asked me to tag along and the second was the self description of He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister on their facebook page.

Flamboyant Folk, Glam-a-billy, Circus Rock, Vaudeville Pop, Cabaret Blues. — HMBSMS

What the f-bomb?  Is this for real?  Could it be true?  Yes it could be true and they lived up to each and everyone of those descriptions.  And oh yea the band features instrumentation such as a TAP DANCER and an accordion.

He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister – How’m I Gonna Get Back Home

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The Windy City – “Games” [MUSIC] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The Windy City is an indie-electro band based in Cape Town.  Formed by three best friends, Adrian Culhane, and brothers Marco and Jean-sebastian Correla, the band just released their debut EP produced by Grammy winning producer Cedric Samson.  The track Games is available for free download via soundcloud, but I recommend checking out all their songs.  Each track is a little different and showcases the bands promising future, I expect to hear great things about this band in the future.

By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC