Blackwater Refuge – Hawaii Nice

blackwater refuge

At first I wasn’t really sure to think, just hearing those twangy island tones wasn’t doing it for me, then the lyrics dropped. This Hawaiian/Oregon hip-hop duo are quickly turning heads in the Southern Cali spot of San Diego, bringing a completely new style of their own to the game with music that almost ‘forces’ you to block out anything but the insane lyrical flow of Pana Jones. They definitely give themselves a very original musical description to match this new style:

Lyrics with substance braided through headnotic rhythms. Hawaii meets Oregon to form Hip Hop duo, Blackwater Refuge.

I see a very bright future for this crew right here, as they work hard to bring a new sound and change the game of hip-hop. One thing is for certain, they are fresh as hell online and nearly impossible to find unless you’ve seen their Facebook Page or their Youtube Channel. After hearing this next track here it was an obvious must for the post, so hope you enjoy “Love For Love” as much as we did.

Written By: Mark G. Valente | Online Marketing Director | @MarkwithMWL

2 responses to “Blackwater Refuge – Hawaii Nice

  1. Samantha Daubenspeck

    Yo! These rhyme’s are dope!! BIGG UP KONA PEOPLEZ!!!!

  2. We got here to Hilo two weeks ago to work and heard their song “Hawaii Nice” and instantly fell in love with it. Took almost a week before we could figure out who did it and what it was called. Now it’s our “theme song”. The melody is hypnotic, the words bring us all over the island, the mood it sets is peaceful and mellow. Thanks, Blackwater Refuge for putting together this hauntingly beautiful little piece of music.

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