Lethal Li – “Eye Con” [MUSIC]

Lithal Li embodies the spirit of empowered Cape Town hip-hop. she finds a balance between the deep-down swagger of backpack rap and the beautiful sonics of soul.  Having been an active emcee for some time now, she had some time last year to work at the Red Bull Studio on a solo EP. Take a listen to the full EP, “Eye Con”, on soundcloud, which harks back to the classic sounds of 90’s underground hip-hop.

By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

2 responses to “Lethal Li – “Eye Con” [MUSIC]

  1. Big ups! Nuff love for the support – Lithal Li

  2. Truely dope, orignal, fresh…I dig the chemistry between your lyrics, tone, delivery message and how all this gells with the beats you chose…True ArT!

    where do I buy a copy Li?

    spyt ek het jou launch ge-miss!


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