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Afrobeta – “Play House” [VIDEO]

This video is wild! “Play House” is a futuristic escapade which looks more like a scene from Tron than it does a music video. It’s a funky blend of quick-hitting lyrics and funky synths, guaranteed to keep your head bopping from beginning to end.

Afrobeta is an electro-funk doublet from Miami composed of Tony Smurphio & Cuci Amador. Noticeable for more than his sublime hairdo, Smurphio lays down the thumping beats, synths, and funky finger work on the keys (Smurphio actually served as Pitbull’s traveling keyboardist for a number of years before Afrobeta). Amador, the sexy Cuban, fronts the group and provides the seductive vocals.

Afrobeta was formed “as a means to attain an ultimate form of artistic self-expression,” and you can feel the individual markings of each piece in their music. Their debut album Under the Streets will be released on August 9th of this year.

Music video by: Ruben van Leer

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The Dodos – “Companions” [VIDEO]

The Dodos No ColorHaving just released their new album No Color in March of this year, it was just a matter of time until we saw The Dodos drop a video for the fan favorite track “Companions”. Such a beautiful acoustic riff to carry throughout this natural driving tune that comes with an added twist, offered in this new music video release. The San Francisco based duo has developed quite a large following throughout their 4 album career. 3 of which, including the more recent No Color, were released with Frenchkiss Records. This is a very exciting group with a bright future ahead as they continue to quickly grow on the west coast. Visit their Facebook for updates on shows and music and be sure to check out their site for their albums. So please enjoy this hipster road-trip set video and prepare for an eye-popping 180° turn of emotion.

Andy Lund & The Mission Men – Performing TONIGHT at &Union “Fall From Grace” [VIDEO] [EVENT]

The music rolls out like a cinematic soundboard, driven by passion and emotion. Andy Lund describes his music, “as much Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits and Neil Young as it is Radiohead, Depeche Mode and Jeff Buckley.”   He has been involved in the South African music scene for over 10 years as the lead singer/songwriter of Roswell Kings. Feeling that he was only expressing half of his soul with the Kings, Lund felt that he need to take the collection of acoustic songs that he had written and give them the attention they deserved and so Andy Lund & The Mission Men was born. Lund is backed by The Mission Men – Sean Ou Tim (piano/percussion), and Brydon Bolton (double bass/electric bass).  Andy Lund & The Mission Men’s first full-length album, Soundtrack For A Muted Heart, was released to rave reviews by public and media alike.  Check out the video for “Fall From Grace” and if you’re in Cape Town check them out at &Union tonight!

By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC