The Blank Tapes Live at Tin Can Ale House in San Diego, CA [Photos/Video]

The Blank Tapes Live at Tin Can Ale House in San Diego, CA

Click the pic for more concert shots

The Blank Tapes is a San Francisco-based band that has stayed busy the past few years touring and pumping out tons of great music (much of it on vinyl).  Matt Adams is the lead guitar/singer/songwriter and really the only constant member of The Blank Tapes. He tours with different musicians  a lot and employs his friends to rock out in  different cities, making his shows super original and spontaneous. Playing a lot of small venues, The Blank Tapes have amassed a good bit of press from some big names (see ROLLING STONE) and continue to rock out, so check out to see if you can catch a show in a city near you!


Photography By: Shane Suski |Ambassador of Photography | San Diego, CA|@shanewithmwl | Beat-Play and Music Without Labels, LLC

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