Nappy Roots – “Congratulations” (prod. Organized Noize) [NEW MUSIC]

Nappy Roots

It’s been close to a year since Nappy Roots broke from Atlantic Records and declared themselves to be independent artists, dropping their first self-released album The Pursuit Of Nappyness. Having full control of your career as an independent artist always opens doors for greater collaboration opportunities which they’ve found in their recent connection with Atlanta production company Organized Noize. If you don’t recall these guys they produced some pretty big hits back in the 90s working with artists like OutKast, TLC, En Vogue, and more. The latest project will feature the expertise of both groups, entitled Nappy Dot Org, expected to drop September 20 of this year. This first single and most recent release, “Congratulations” just goes to show that Nappy Roots is currently on top of their game with a whole new focus in the way they do music and business. Catch the single here and be sure to lookout for the release of their new album late September.

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