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The Honeymoon Thrillers – “The Honeymoon Thrillers” [MUSIC]

If you’re interested in the Nashville rock scene, you need to know about The Honeymoon Thrillers.  Formed last year in February 2010, the band came together to create some pretty stellar music with influences from The Beach Boys, Elvis, The Clash, and The Strokes.  The band members include Nathan Barlowe (lead vocals, guitar), Cary Barlowe (guitar, vocals), Chris Boyle (bass), Jared Byers (drums), and Josiah Holland (keyboards).  The Barlowe brothers were previously well known for their other project Luna Halo, which received a lot of local attention.  The other members of the group hail from bands The Lonely Hearts, Bleach, and Mean Tambourines.  While the new surf rock group creates sounds similar to The Killers, Kings of Leon, and Weezer, they have definitely developed a distinct sound.  Their self-titled album released June 18, 2010 is loaded with this new vintage, yet modern sound and vibe that will keep you entertained for it’s entirety.  “Shine,” “Summer Song,” and “Sally Don’t Be So Mad” are just a few of the great songs on this record.  Produced by Chris Granger, the album was certainly able to naturally capture all of the songs in a way that listeners could get a perfect feel for the band.  “We used 3 mics on the drums and one in the hallway all recorded in mono.”  With final help from Grammy award-winning engineer Vance Powell (White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather), The Honeymoon Thrillers finalized a great mix for a killer debut album.  Take a listen:


The idea of The Honeymoon Thrillers started when Nathan Barlowe began writing songs with inspiration from old records that his dad and uncle used to listen to.  The unique style and sound of their music began when Barlowe left a distortion pedal on while recording demos.  “I realized I had never really heard anything like what was happening. It was retro and modern all at once.”  That was the point when he knew that this had to come together, so he brought his brother and friends on board.  Check out this video for one of my favorite songs from The Honeymoon Thrillers called “Summer Song:”

The Honeymoon Thrillers stepped right onto the scene last spring with a debut show at SXSW in Austin, TX and feature performances at Next Big Nashville and CMJ festival in NYC.  With additional attention from magazines like SPIN and various websites, the band became a sure up-and-coming phenomenon that would continue to make significant progress in the Nashville rock scene.  Even Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill has given attention by laying down bass on their first record.  I am definitely looking forward to hearing more from The Honeymoon Thrillers in years to come.  Listen to and purchase their album here.

By: Steve Harpine | Nashville Ambassador | @Steve_MWL | Beat-Play & Music Without Labels, LLC

Live Concert Pic-Cast #1 [PODCAST]

Over the past year, our blog has seen a substantial growth in content. Most of this growth has come from our live concert photography done by Jimmy Iles, Shane Suski, and Kian Bardikalaie throughout the Denver, CO and San Diego, CA areas. To bring the top photos to you in one post Jimmy and myself will be bringing you this monthly podcast and slideshow with links to each concerts’ photo gallery.

Richard the Third – “Boss feat. Ribone” [MUSIC]

Richard the Third

Being a central agent in South Africa’s electronic music scene, Richard the Third is a regular DJ at the country’s biggest music clubs such as The Assembly, Fiction, The Woods and Alexander Theatre.  As one half of local dubstep warriors Biscope,, producer and performer for Spoek Mathamobo & Mshini Wam, Richard the Third’s sets are a roller-coaster ride of the best modern bass music: grinding electro, rising dubstep and everything in between.  He has put his own music out on local labels such as African Dope and On A Break Records as well as producing  and remixing with numerous other South African artists, including 340ml and Sibot.  He describes his music as, “Somewhere between the warm waters of dub and downbeat and the rocky mountains of banging dancefloor electronica” Check out his track Boss, featuring Ribone.



By: Elizabeth Stene | Beat-Play Ambassador South Africa | @LizMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Rave On Buddy Holly [ALBUM REVIEW]

You know every song I’m about to post.  I would hope that you know every artist I’m about to post.  It’s also important that you know who a guy named Buddy Holly is.  I think you do.  “Rave On Buddy Holly” is one of the best tribute records I have ever heard.  The artist lineup and the song choices are epic and spot on.  Buddy Holly, in my opinion, embodied the spirit of local music.  Constantly touring until his untimely death.  I think it’s only proper that a site like this one devoted to spreading the word of good music and artist recognition take a breather from the underground hip hop and indie rock and take a look back at one of the original indie rockers and the people he has inspired.

Fiona Apple and Jon Brion – Everyday

See I told you!  Fiona Apple and Jon Brion own the second track and one of Holly’s greatest tunes.  Brion is an LA local and he plays shows every Friday night down at the Largo on La Cienega.  Fiona just has such an amazing voice.  I figured that would be a good tune to start out with to wet your whistle.

Dearest – The Black Keys

The video was a little lame, but it has some cool pictures so I left it.

If it wasn’t for that damn plane crash Buddy Holly may well still be with us and who knows what other great music he would have created.  This record is in honor of the man’s 75th birthday and what an impact he has had.  This tribute features everyone from friggin’ Kid Rock to Lou Reed to Modest Mouse to Patti Smith to She and Him to PAUL MCCARTNEY (he gets all caps cuz he’s a Beatle).  It’s pretty all over the place pulling artists from every possible genre of popular music.  My favorite track however is by the one and only Cee Lo Green.  His voice is just unbelievable.  He has found pop success of epic proportions and is far from an indie artist, but he branches out here an gives us an amazing take on a Buddy Holly classic.

(You’re so square) Baby I don’t care – Cee Lo Green

I really don’t have much to review here.  The music is classic and the artists on this record are really dead on in their interpretations of Holly’s music.  There is just enough of the original song and the best part is the obvious individual touches each artist put on his or her song.  One of the best examples of that is Florence and The Machine doing Holly’s tune ‘Not Fade Away.’

Not Fade Away – Florence and The Machine

I think Buddy Holly is beaming with a huge smile somewhere up in rock and roll heaven.  This is really just a fantastic assembly of talent all playing their asses off in honor of a great man.  I know I already said that, but who cares I’ll say it again.  I’m gonna finish this up with a few more tracks by She and Him and one of my favorite singers of all time, Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash (duh) and Young fame.  Lastly I’ll leave you with a surprising track.  I’m not going to tell you who’s singing it.  Guess in the comments section below and don’t cheat and look at the track listing.  It’s a very far attachement from what this artist usually does and it’s freakin’ amazing.

She and Him – Oh Boy!

Graham Nash – Raining in My Heart

???????? –  Well…All right

He died at 22 and at that age he had already helped define rock and roll as we know it.  He is arguably the most important figure bridging the gap between rockabilly to rock and roll.  He has obviously been missed, but after listening to this record I know for a fact he is not forgotten.  Rave on Buddy Holly…

Here’s the complete track list to inspire you to buy this record.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some good local music, but I had to get this one out.  It’s too good to ignore.

1. “Dearest” – The Black Keys (2:06)
2. “Every Day” – Fiona Apple & Jon Brion (2:19)
3. “It’s So Easy” – Paul McCartney (4:35)
4. “Not Fade Away – Florence + The Machine” (4:02)
5. “(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care” – Cee Lo Green (1:31)
6. “Crying, Waiting, Hoping” – Karen Elson (2:25)
7. “Rave On” – Julian Casablancas (1:55)
8. “I’m Gonna Love You Too” – Jenny O. (2:11)
9. “Maybe Baby” – Justin Townes Earle (2:06)
10. “Oh Boy” – She & Him (2:18)
11. “Changing All Those Changes” – Nick Lowe (1:41)
12. “Words Of Love” – Patti Smith (3:20)
13. “True Love Ways” – My Morning Jacket (3:25)
14. “That’ll Be The Day” – Modest Mouse (2:15)
15. “Well…All Right” – Kid Rock (2:09)
16. “Heartbeat” -The Detroit Cobras (2:20)
17. “Peggy Sue” – Lou Reed (3:19)
18. “Peggy Sue Got Married” – John Doe (3:57)
19. “Raining In My Heart” – Graham Nash (3:30)

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL|Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Strand of Oaks Live at The Basement in Nashville, TN [SHOW]

One thing that sets Nashville apart from most cities is that you can take a chance of just showing up at one of the city’s staple venues on almost any night and be completely taken away by the talent on stage.  I had one of those nights last week when I decided to check out The Basement in Nashville to scratch my Saturday night concert itch.  Allow me to describe what it was like to hear Timothy Showalter’s Strand of Oaks perform songs from his album Pope Killdragon.  From my hometown of Philadelphia, PA, Strand of Oaks performs by creating a masterful tone with his guitar and voice.  The combination of pedals and reverb create a beautiful sound that allows you to really enter in to each and every song.  With apocalyptic imagery and the creation of new worlds that seem somewhat familiar, the songs elaborate more than most with quality in writing. Check out this awesome song called “Bonfire:”

Strand of Oaks’ performance was pretty epic for a guy and his guitar.  He enters in to each song, fully emulating the emotion that it deserves.  Following each dramatic song, Timothy emits a lighthearted smile, which is rare in many singer-songwriter performances today.  To the audience member, it seemed to show that this artist was privileged to be able to share his music with me, and I was certainly privileged to hear it.  There was a fun side to this apocalyptic poet, like between songs when he said, “If only I could write a song about flip-flops.”  I, for one, am thankful that his creativity encompasses more than just songs about popular American footwear.

There seems to be more to Strand of Oaks than meets the eye and ear.  Even with what seems like a rough past, Timothy remains persistant and seemingly more inspired than ever.  He is definitely one of the most gracious and humble artists I’ve had the pleasure to talk to yet.  I would love to take a step inside his mind to view some of what inspires his creative genius.  Margan Galen King describes his most recent album, “Pope Killdragon pulls you in magnetically, forcing your attention to its every word in desperation to comprehend both your own surroundings and the threat looming in the distance.”  I encourage everyone to take a listen to this astonishing album because there is certainly nothing else like it out there.

Steve Harpine | Nashville Ambassador | @Steve_MWL | Beat-Play & Music Without Labels, LLC