Strange Birds “Breadcrumbs EP” [NEW MUSIC]

There is a young band out of Southern California called Young the Giant.  I have written about them here before and when they come out with new music I’ll write about them again.  They are awesome.  They are currently on tour with Incubus (I won’t judge if you don’t) and recently destroyed at this years VMAs.  They have a little bit of cred and bands that have a little bit of cred and are also good (there’s a difference) I tend to listen to a little more closely.

I was stalking Young The Giant’s Facebook page today and they told me to check out Strange Birds new EP called “Breadcrumbs EP”.  I did.  It’s 5 bucks on band camp.  A quick download and it quickly became my only enjoyment in an afternoon of awkwardly worded e-mails and technical jargon that I’ll never learn the full meaning of.  Fun eh?  Now do what I did and stream it above as you sift through my rambles about this awesome band… Shall we?

I hope your streaming the EP already.  If you’re not, get your shit together and hit play because here we go.  For starters it’s heavy and for second starters it sounds a little bit like Young The Giant themselves.  I think the vocals are similar.  I had no clue who these dudes were so I dug deeper.  The only thing I found was that they too are from Irvine and they also rock just as hard as Young The Giant.  Having played many shows together they seem to just share a mutual support for each other.  I thought for sure the lead singers would be brothers or something, but I’m glad I was wrong and as I duh deeper into this EP the less and less the two acts sounded alike.

There is a sweet gentleness to the Breadcrumbs EP.  This is going to sounds weird but I just spent a bunch of time relaxing by the beach near where these guys are from and you can hear the ocean’s influence and the southern california laid back vibe soaks into these songs.  To me this is the kind of music I can listen to while I boogie board (surf makes a ton more sense and that’s really what I mean, but I’d embarrass myself as a surfer so I’ll just stick with boogie board.  No sense in lying.  I’m no surfer.)  It’s filled with bright guitars, echoy vocals and fun little back beats.  It’s easy to listen to.  Clocking in at just under 22 minutes I was bummed when it was over.  So I turned it on again.

My favorite track is the second.  It’s called “Searchlights”.  I think you’ll see right away why it’s my favorite.  Fast rhythm with twangy effected guitars and minimalist chords just rocks in that beachy laid back it doesn’t really get to loud so I guess it doesn’t really rock sort of way.  The track after that “Move On” has a slight dub feel which is appropriate for Southern California with a hint of that indie rock falsetto that we (I) love so much.  I think I might be addicted to this band.

Good news and, well, good news.  You can download all of Strange Birds music for 7 dollars.  That’s a ridiculous steal.  They have a self titled EP available for 2 bucks and the new Breadcrumbs EP available for 5.  Here is the link to the STRANGE BIRDS EP and here is the link to BREADCRUMBS EP.

For the sake of being corny I was going to spare you from this next shitty attempt at a pun, but I don’t give a crap.  Strange Birds is making waves.  Get it?  They have hooked up with the right people in Young The Giant and I can’t wait to see them play a show together if Young The Giant would only just stop touring with crappy Incubus (sorry dudes, love you but I can’t stand Incubus).

Strange Birds doesn’t have any dates on their facebook calendar, but I’ll keep my eye on them for you and update if they add any.  Who woulda thought that the goods were coming from Irvine… Might be time to move.  Enjoy Strange Birds.  Happy End of Summer suckers who don’t live in LA or SD where it’s always summer.

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL|Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

2 responses to “Strange Birds “Breadcrumbs EP” [NEW MUSIC]

  1. The lead singers aren’t brothers but the drummers are.

  2. They sound a little like Radiohead as well! Which is pretty cool. Radiohead and Young the Giant.

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