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Hood Epidemic Live at Cervantes’ Other Side, Denver, CO [Photos]

Hood Epidemic Live at Cervantes’ Other Side, Denver, CO

Jimmy Iles Beat-Play Hood Epidemic

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Photography By: Jimmy Iles | Director of Artist Relations | @JimmyMWL| Beat-Play & Music Without Labels, LLC

St. Vincent “Strange Mercy” [NEW MUSIC]

The company I work for is currently working on Fashion Week 2011 out of NYC.Please sift through the sarcasm of the next sentence or two.  Don’t get me wrong I love me tacky “garage band” house music and skinny chicks that badly need to eat a cheeseburger it’s really incredible stuff…really.  Who knew wearing a live ducks as shoes was fashionable… I don’t get it/ I think I hate fashion.  Confirmed, I hate fashion.  Which brings me to the tunes.  If there is one thing on this planet that get’s me through long-ass work days is new awesome music.  Indie darling St. Vincent will release Strange Mercy on Tuesday and I have your first listen RIGHT FRIGGIN HERE so get ready.

Chloe In The Afternoon – St. Vincent

I’m usually not one for the airy lady vocals and the spacey multi tonal singing most people who try to pull this off fail miserably, but in this case St. Vincent nailed it right on it’s awesomely brilliant head.  One part indie folk and one part electronica, Strange Mercy hits all the bases and key notes that have made her famous in the first place.  Back in the ole’ college days I had a bud who was completely obsessed with her.  I had no idea why, but listening to this new record and diving into her back catalog I can now see why.

Northern Lights – St. Vincent

St. Vincent otherwise known as Annie Clark hails from Texas and now Brooklyn New York.  This is her third full length release.  She is renowned on the indie circuit having been a touring member of both The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens band.  According to her wiki page she has pretty much opened for everyone who has ever played music so there is no doubt she is loved by many.  This new music just continues to prove the fact that she is going to be around for a long time.  This next track is the first song she released via twitter announcing the coming of her newest record.

Surgeon – St. Vincent

I love the mix between borderline industrial rock, indie pop and modern folk.  Her vocals obviously soar, but I think the gritty guitar work is also pretty cool.  Those key elements mixed with a sonic blast from all the synth work my brain is pretty much going to explode.  I would really like to hear this music live for two reasons.  I’d like to see if she can pull off the sheer size she has created in this record and also because I think it would be amazing to hear her pull it off, which she will.

Neutered Fruit – St. Vincent

So I just checked her tour page and I think we all just hit it lucky.  St. Vincent will be criss-crossing the country this fall to support “Strange Mercy” (which the lyric just played in my headphones as I forgot the damn name of the record I was writing about…convenient.)  She is hitting all the major cities before crossing the pond for some European dates.  She’s in LA for one night at The Music Box on October 18th.

Her TOUR PAGE is HERE.  I have been playing tracks received from my secret source in this blog.  Hopefully I don’t get in trouble…sorry We Are Augustines, but Strange Mercy comes out on Tuesday September 13th here in the US so go buy that shit.  Here’s the last track, please enjoy.

Year Of The Tiger – St. Vincent

By: Steve Rippin | Beat-Play Ambassador Los Angeles | @stevewithMWL|Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC