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Giuliano Baglioni : Behind The Board [INTERVIEW]

Q01 Who are you, What do you do & where are you based?

My name is Giuliano Baglioni and I’m a producer/engineer based in Canada

Q02 What album,track,gig or producer inspired you to end up behind a mixing board.

In Through The Outdoor -(Led Zeppelin)

Breakfast in America-(Supertramp)

My Way- (Elvis Presley)

were albums around the house that I was exposed to at a young age and I remember listening to, In Through The Outdoor during the summers not even knowing anything about the band, just liked the sound of the drums, guitars and songs overall. Fast forward some years and discovered one producer in particular with a signature to his sound, (Daniel Lanois) which is, big ,warm and dimensional.

Q03 Where did you study your trade?

I’m self taught

Q04 What advice do you have for any budding engineers out there?

Learn as much as you can and be well versed around a studio environment, ie, tuning guitars, repairing cables ,cleaning parts in an analog mixer and most important,,,trouble shooting.

Q05 What people in the biz do you look up to or aspire to be like?

Well one of my favorites is Jimmy Page, not only as a guitarist but also composer and producer

Q06 Analog or Digital? Tape or DAW? Outboard or Plugin?

There’s pro’s and cons but a good balance of both for me

Q07 What 3 pieces of gear could you not live without?

I would have to say guitar’s first for me, then studio gear would be my

1960 compressor

the 1176 compressor

and Neve 1073 pre -amp.

Q08 What do you think is the best mixed record of all time?

Hard question to answer, there’s so many and the production is a big part of it but some of my favorites are –

Wrecking Ball (Emmylou Harris)

Robbie Robertson -self tilted

Passion (Peter Gabriel)

Mustt Mustt (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

Audioslave (Revelations)

Freddie Mercury (Barcelona)

Raising Sand (Robert Plant, Alison Krauss)

Q09 What do you do on your downtime from Studio/Live?

I like traveling when I get the chance and escaping to my cousins cottage, north country

Q10 If you werent an engineer, what would you be doing instead?

Good question, I’m sure I’d being doing something in the music field

Q11 What was your 1st professional album,mix/master job?

It was the recording studio, learning the trade and then having invites, starting with Temptation by Holly Cole.

Q12 What is some of the recent works you’ve been part of?

Actually my recent work, which is not pressed yet is with Ireland’s dREA, former front man of (Vesta Varro) and is set to be released in the new year.

By: Shayne Byrne | Beat-Play Ambassador Ireland | @shaynewithMWL | Music Without Labels & Beat-Play, LLC

Spells debut “Escapist” album at Musicians Corner in Nashville, TN [SHOW/NEW MUSIC]

It’s another Saturday in Nashville and if you’re the least bit interested in new music from Nashville, you have to be at Centennial Park for another round of bands at Musicians Corner.  There were a number of great artists that performed this week including a new electronic indie rock group called SPELLS.  Led by Trevor James Tillery, SPELLS made their debut performance at Musicians Corner, and gave themselves a great start to a promising season of promoting their new music.  That’s right, they also have a really impressive debut album called Escapist.

SPELLS independently released Escapist on July 15, 2011.  The album travels back and forth between serene melodies and big dirty electronic grooves.  Songs like “Escapist” and “Where Have You Been” really drive the album with dominating hooks and big Muse-like bass lines, while songs like “City on a Hill” reproduce a somber feel with ambient sweeps that seem to support lyrics about a broken world.  Overall, this is a really cool album that contains some very intelligent music.  Both the musicianship and songwriting replicate a great sound and fresh feel.  For example, “Transient” carries a tight groove in an ambient song about the mystery of life.  I feel the need to say, Jake Goss, I love the entrance with the crash on two after the rolls.  It puts a perfect touch on top of those phrases.  Enough of me talking about the music, take a listen to some killer new tracks from SPELLS:

Throughout Escapist, SPELLS “writes about a yearning for something beyond the modern world. He’s rebelling against the technology-saturated realm that adds layer upon layer of complication to life, causing dreams to become a small glimmer in the back of people’s minds as they chase the material.”  (Next Big Nashville).  Tillery has something important to say, and he’s saying it through his carefully-crafted melodic electro-pop.  “These are the kind of songs I write,” he reveals. “These are the things that I’m constantly thinking about and haunted by. And music is an outlet where I can get that out – an outlet to hopefully get other people thinking and start knocking down walls.”

Escapist was produced by Josh Niles and featured Trevor Tillery (vocals, guitars, keys), Brian McSweeney (vocal percussion, backing vocals), Jake Goss (drums), and Adrian Walther (bass).  After working on the record for the last year, it released this summer and has been getting a lot of local attention in Nashville.  SPELLS played at 12th & Porter on thursday night as part of Next Big Nashville’s Soundland Festival, which took place this week.  This is a band that you need to know about.  Keep listening and supporting SPELLS because they’ve really got something here.  Check them out online at spellsofficial.com.

By Steve Harpine | Nashville Ambassador | @Steve_MWL | Beat-Play, Music Without Labels, LLC