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Matteo Marini – Texas EP

Matteo Marini Texas EP

It’s the end of the week and everyone is ready to let loose and have a good time. Here is a great addition to todays Friday List with progressive house DJ Matteo Marini‘s newest hits “Texas” and “GreenP” from the ‘Texas’ EP which released this monday on beatport under Deeperfect Records. Obviously had to weight until Friday to let this one out to you all. No one likes raging on a Monday, LOL. So bump it up and get your dance on tonight!!!

Mord Fustang – “The Electric Dream” [MUSIC]

So far there isn’t much to here from Mord Fustang, having only 2 tracks under this artist name the people are really pushing for an EP release ASAP. This song absolutely kills it and obviously going on the FRIDAY LIST. I honestly thought it was Deadmau5 at first because of all the sound influences used but now I’m moving towards Mord Fustang taking on the role of The Estonian Deadmau5. There is no doubt in my mind that these two will be rivaling DJs in the upcoming years. As for now, you have TWO WHOLE TRACKS to listen to for the next who knows. Lets hope for something new soon, ENJOY:

American Royalty – “Levrolution” [MUSIC]

Can’t say I’ve ever heard anything in the music world like this before, combining so many musical sounds and genres to form an unbelievable feel-good sounds totally worthy of the Friday List. It’s quickly obvious there is much experimental electronic influence as soon as you hit the play button. The next two transitions from electronic to a rock/blues to more traditional HOUSE sounds, projected in a much slower fashion than we’re used to hearing from guys like Avicii and Deadmau5. This is one of the more popular tracks off American Royalty’s newest EP drop entitled, “EL ARDEMO”. Visit their site here to hear more.

Cirez D – “Full Stop” [MUSIC]

There are dirty house tracks coming out of Sweden it seems like everyday from Eric Prydz, and he really makes his mark on the world when he drops a new project. Here is one of his latest hits, the original mix for “Full Stop”, currently one of the premier HOUSE tracks around the world. Can’t wait to see what mixes come out of this one here. Visit his site for more tracks

Jamaica – “Short and Entertaining” [VIDEO]

Here is another great kickoff to an awesome weekend with our first Friday List hit of the day by French indie rock group Jamaica. This opening guitar riff sounds simple but the timing of it is absolutely brilliant adding a burst of creativity to their indie classic rock tone. Here is the official video to their hit track “Short And Entertaining”, off their first album ‘No Problem’. Enjoy the track and check out more from Jamaica here.

Little Red – “Rock It” [VIDEO]

Have to stick to the friday vibe on this one. This Australian indie/pop group dropped an instant party classic with this one. Here is the video to “Rock It” and please check out more by Little Red here.

Da Fresh – “Limoncello” [MUSIC]

You should probably just add this one right onto your friday list next to that Avicii track. This is one of the latest tracks released 14 days ago by France’s own Da Fresh mixing some dope house and techno beats. Check out some more at his website.

Avicii – “Street Dancer” [MUSIC]


Get yourself ready for friday night with some Avicii. This track is the top single off his newest EP “Vicious”. This track is badass and definitely one of the best ones I’ve heard from Avicii since “Alcoholic” and “Bromance”. Please enjoy this track and check out the EP here to download.