Beat-Play Player


Beat-Play is the next step in a music revolution that ultimately allows artists and consumers to maintain full control over their music.

fan features:

Currently, Beat-Play’s technology promotes music to fans based on tags, or keywords that the user types into a “Bump Search.” The user can use Moods, Locations, Artist Names, Genres Activities, or practically anything, to describe the music that they wish to hear. Beat-Play then creates a custom playlist for the user consisting of both music and videos (via Soundcloud, Youtube, and Beat-Play itself) based on the tags and keywords entered by the user. Other cool, cutting-edge features that Beat-Play offers music fans include:

  • Fans can save music that they really like and organize it into playlists. They can then share these playlists with their friends through Facebook, like sharing mixtapes back in the ‘ol days.
  • Music can be organized by the type of mood a fan is in, or activity s/he is frequently involved in: “running”, “happy hour”, “electronic”, “crazy funky”, “ben harper” – whatever, via saved “Bump Settings”
  • Fans can add their own Tag keywords to a song, to suggestively help like-minded friends find the music more easily and more effectively.
  • Free unlimited streaming independent music and videos from popular streaming services like Soundcloud and Youtube, all in one place – more beats than you can imagine.
  • And, of course, all personal information remains secure and confidential.

Artist Features:

Embracing Beat-Play as a platform to share their music directly with fans and gain a following, independent artists from all over are signing up with the site. Beat-Play encourages artists from every genre to sign on at no cost, and benefit from maintaining complete control over their careers, from creation, to promotion and distribution, contributing to music’s next evolution. Here are some of the benefits to artists:

  • It’s completely free
  • Artists can upload their music and PROMOTE their music, band, and/or career
  • Independent artists can connect with fans looking for truly great indie music
  • Artists can effectively streamline their music distribution. Beat-Play’s key descriptors identify artists and music more efficiently, making it easier to find. Also, the more Listening Modes Beat-Play implements for fans to discover music with, the more chances there are for music to be found and shared.
  • Beat-Play’s development will soon begin to focus on better ways to monetize independent music through Beat-Play, where tats will matter!

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