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Half Past Never Band – “Letters” [AUDIO]

Half Past Never Band is a Finnish band from Helsinki, Finland whose music is a combination of organic sounds, rhythmic beats, cinematic ambiences and eastern flavours. The roots of Half Past Never Band go in to the beginning of the year 2008, when the first Half Past Never recordings were made in order to create soulful and mellow sounds and songs. Basically, all the songs, ideas and sounds are created in jamming sessions with friends. First recordings were totally instrumentals, but during the last years, Half Past Never Band has made cooperation with several vocalists as well.

All in all, trying to define Half Past Never Band’s music precisely is not easy, but music draws influences from several genres including jazz, funk, afro, hip hop, soul, latin and eastern rhythms. In 2008 Half Past Never Band released a self-titled EP containing two instrumental songs. Almost two years after that, in January 2010, the first full length Half Past Never Band album, As it Should be, was released independently. As it Should be introduced eight different pieces of music, six instrumentals and two with vocals. The album received a lot of positive feedback and CD version is now sold out. As it Should be is available for free as a digital format and can be downloaded from here: http://halfpastneverband.bandcamp.com/

New Half Past Never album, Cubicle Coma, introduces even more organic and rhythmic Half Past Never Band. Just like in the previous album, also Cubicle Coma includes both songs with vocals and instrumentals. Co-operation has been made with several musicians from all over the world. Cubicle Coma is a weird mixture of funky, hip hop, jazzy and gypsy style rhythm music combined with various styles of lyricists. — exert taken from http://www.halfpastneverband.com

Check out “Letters” from their latest album. You can become a fan of Half Past Never band at their facebook home or friend them on myspace to find out more.

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