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Deas Vail – “Excuses” – [VIDEO]

Deas Vail is a indie-rock band formed in Arkansas. “Excuses” is off their most recent album, Birds & Cages. The band is currently recording their sixth studio album. Check out the official music video of “Excuses” below:

You can find out more about Deas Vail at their facebook and twitter pages.

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Reptil – “Prende Y Quema” – [New Music Video]

Reptil out of Medellin, Colombia does some disgustingly sick Electronica/House/Funk music. Check out their latest video “Prende Y Quema” translated, means Turn and Burn.

Definitely check out More of Reptil’s Music here, they’ll keep you movin all day!

Reggie Watts – ‘It’s Only Life/Primary Tracks’ [Video]

Another one of the most innovative dudes out there right now. This song is so dope too! Wait til the middle..


Sarah Fimm – “White Birds” [Animated Music Video]

Sarah Fimm is an AMAZING singer/songwriter currently out of Woodstock, NY. She sends a great message of hope throughout her music. You really have to hear it. The animation in this video is incredible too! Check it out:

Directed by http://www.newspeak.tv

You also need to hear this next song from Sarah. It’s called “Afraid” It has one of the strongest choruses I’ve ever heard with a female vocal. If you can, put it on some good speakers and crank it up to the max. It is INCREDIBLE. Enjoy!

Sarah is now supporting her 6th release titled, ‘The Vanishing Sessions’, and nearing completion of album 7. She’s also got another project called Karma Phala that is an amazing amalgamation of paintings, photography and music that she is giving away for free to support the spread of great music and raise awareness of the struggles of independent artists. You can follow all that Sarah is doing on her Facebook page. She is really doing amazing things.

The Rubberbandits – “Horse Outside” [Music Video]

Just the right dose of Irishmen swearing to brighten up your day and mine.

The Rubberbandits are dirty.

Groove Stain – “Get Back” [Music Video]

Groove Stain, sick band out of Atlanta, GA just released their new music video for the single “Get Back” off of their newest album Out All Night. Check it out:

Groove Stain is currently on a US tour with Josh Heinrichs (one of my favorite artists), The Onvi Sound System and Jimmy HaHa. You should really check them out as well.

Check their Tour Schedule Here


The Flatliners – Calvacade [New Album] – Punk to the fullest

Punk rock used to be about haggard road warriors. Before all the breakdowns and flat irons, there were busted transmissions and collect calls home. The Flatliners grew up believing in the later and rejecting the former, and after seven years playing together, they’re unleashing Cavalcade, their third full-length record and an epic sonic testament to the life they’ve chosen.

Over the last four years, the Flatliners have spent almost thirty months in vans, dive bars, and concert halls across North America, Europe, and Japan, building up a dedicated following with a sound that mixes the endless fury of ‘90s skate punk with the nuanced, intelligent songwriting of classic post-punks like the Replacements and Hot Water Music. After releasing the ska-punk tinged Destroy to Create (Union Label Group) in 2005, the band evolved into a harsh melodic machine with 2007’s The Great Awake (Fat Wreck Chords), completing their transition into a vital modern punk unit with the Cynics 7” (Fat Wreck Chords) in late 2009.

For Cavalcade, the Flatliners once again teamed up with long-time producer and friend Steve Rizun, recording sporadically between tours in their hometown of Toronto over the course of 2009. Seeking to immortalize the last year of their lives on the road, the end result is easily the band’s finest hour; from the thrashy immediacy of “The Calming Collection” to the dub-influenced “He Was A Jazzman”, it’s the sound of a band hitting their stride musically and finding their voice lyrically, exploring the idea of unity through disconnectedness, of positivity in uncertain times. Driving home the theme are the numerous guest appearances on the record: members of Cancer Bats, A Wilhelm Scream, Dillinger Four, The Snips, Junior Battles, Permanent Bastards, and the Expos all contributed to Cavalcade. Add to that the presence of veteran punk Fat Mike, who flew up to jam with the band in November of 2009, earning an additional production credit and making one of the band’s childhood dreams come true.

View Slideshow Here

They’ve grown up on record and in front of a crowd of like-minded punks. They’ve made sacrifices to keep the wheels of their van on the road, and Cavalcade is the reward. It really is, as the band says, “a call to arms to all who travel throughout the world on the wings of their creativity.”

The Flatliners show their true colours as dirty hobos in their video for “Carry the Banner”

These guys kick ass! I highly recommend copping their new album!

Trademark Da Skydiver – “Dead Fool” [VIDEO]

ChemComa: Featured Artist on MWL

Chemcoma is this weeks Featured Artist on MusicWithoutLabels.com:

Chemcoma is a hardworking, blue-collar, “you get what you put in” rockish band from Lafayette, Indiana. Stealing from the best of their influences that range from Def Leppard and Bon Jovi to Sevendust and Fleetwood Mac, their sound is a fresh and unique combination of the familiar. Always high energy and emotionally powerful, the band has the ability to cross several genres, from Metal to Pop Rock, without blinking an eye and still sounding distinctly like themselves. The band prides itself on its multi vocalist approach and dual-gendered vocal arrangements and harmonies almost as much as it does its thick, driving guitar riffs and thumping rhythm section.

visit their website

New Nappy Roots Music Video – “The People”

Off of their new album The Pursuit of Nappyness

Also keep checking back on their website – they have a new mixtape coming out next week..I think on the 14th..