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JazzMutant’s Mu – Ableton Live multi-touch controller for the Lemur

It’s really amazing what Mu enables artists to do from the Lemur device. Speaking of the Lemur..it is itself an incredibly cool tool, with other software available for it now too. With a price tag of  just over $2,000 including shipping, it’s definitely an investment, but with that kind of versatility, it might even be worth more..


Mu was created out of a desire to build the ultimate controller for Ableton Live. Max/MSP, with it’s integrated OSC support has long been been a perfect partner to JazzMutant’s groundbreaking Lemur controller. The arrival of Max for Live meant that access to the inner workings of Ableton Live was finally available to the Lemur via our old friend. Mu refers not only to a dynamic control template for the Lemur but also to the Max for Live plugin by the same name which we’ve programmed so you don’t have to.

With our entirely plug and play system you can finally touch Ableton Live and simply focus on the music. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the JazzMutant programming enthusiasts and the open architecture of Mu will provide a wonderful starting point for your own Max for Live experimentations and performance systems.

Very Cool Interview with professional DJ and Lemur user Gui Boratto:

Why did you choose to use it above other products on the market?

JazzMutant’s Lemur is a very unique piece. You can design your own faders, buttons, knobs…plus, you can control many devices at the same time. I don’t see any other machine that can match this.