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Paper Route from Nashville, TN [MUSIC]

Paper Route is an American indie rock band from Nashville, TN.  This is a band that I will be following closely for the next few months as they continue touring through Europe and put the finishing touches on a new album.  With a jam-packed tour schedule, a new highly anticipated album in the works, and a strong following, Paper Route is sure soon to be a name that you will see in the top ten.  They have received the most recognition of their career with their first major release called “Absence.”  Even with the opportunity to record in a “real” studio, Paper Route decided to keep it DIY and record in a couple rigged-up houses.  Their songs have been featured in TV shows and film, and “Absence” reached #13 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart with the help of their single “Carousel.”  Check it out:

The band completed a tour with Owl City and Lights last spring, and it looks as though they are receiving some great attention now in Europe.  Paper Route is made up of Chad Howat (bass, piano, programming), J.T. Daily (vocals, keyboards, percussion), and Gavin McDonald (drums).  I think this group’s sound is so much a part of themselves that it’s difficult to describe with other music.  Comparisons would be far-fetched because the ambience of the bass and string-layered synths combine with their reverberated vocals and driving grooves to create Paper Route, and Paper Route only.  Plus, I think that this band is at a level now where they don’t have to be compared, and they can simply be themselves.  Check out this video of “Gutter:”

In addition to touring with Owl City, Paper Route has also played with Paramore, Copeland, Passion Pit, She Wants Revenge, Phantom Planet, and Jack’s Mannequin.  Paper Route will be in Northern Ireland towards the end of their touring this summer.  Since signing with Universal Motown in 2008, they have been a driving force with a second major album near completion two years after the release of their last.  If you haven’t heard their music, check it out.  If you like it, then definitely buy it, or at least stream on one of many music subscription/streaming services out there.

By: Steve Harpine | Nashville Ambassador | @Steve_MWL | Beat-Play & Music Without Labels, LLC